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    How to identify people of bad character on meeting them first time?

    It is said that a man is known by the company he keeps. It applies in case of woman also. Therefore, it is imperative that we should be careful in selecting people to keep company with.

    When we meet any person first time, then we come to know many things even at the first glance. In case we are required to keep long term association with the person concerned then we have to evaluate him/her. Needless to mention here that people of bad characters are to be scrupulously avoided.

    How to identify people with bad character on meeting them first time? Is it possible?
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    On meeting the person for the first time, it is difficult to judge the character of the person. It needs time and patience to understand the behavior of the person. We will take more time to evaluate the character of the concerned person. Some people will be good in evaluating one's character and it will be difficult for the people to judge the person just by seeing him for the first time. Certain things need to understand how he behaves with others and how he behaves in the company and friend circles? Take time and ask him to speak with us and then we will know about the character of the person.
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    It is difficult to identify the bad characters of a person in the first meeting. Some people can guess by face reading but it is not possible that is always correct. Sometimes our sixth sense also gives a prediction for the same.
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    To assess a person when we meet him for the first time we should have a lot of observation power and we should try to understand him by his body language and the way he is answering our questions may give you some understanding about the person. His mentality can be understood with the way he is expressing his ideas and the way he is addressing others. But to know completely about that person may require some more interactions. But we can have a general understanding of the other person basing on our earlier experiences and the person's facial feeling while hearing us,
    These days it is advisable not to mingle with unknown persons. Be careful and limit your interactions to the possible minimum extent so that we will not get disappointed afterwards. It is better to be careful always rather than suffering afterwards.

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    Do you meet people with a pre-decided thought to identify their bad characteristics? After knowing them for a while, do you go all out to find their bad traits & habits? Should we not always look for the good in people? When you do, you will never lack for good company.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    In Tamil there is a saying that if you want to test a person about his character, move with him or travel with him for a day and you will fully know the person. Because while travelling, both would be having plenty of time to discuss various issues and thus one another shall exchange pleasantries and information. And the spending money also happens. If the opposite person is ready to spend money on you even on the first day of friendship, then he is the true friend as he does not care money and wants to keep you in good company. And those who wants to love on others money also made to known with one day behavior.
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    It's the essence of the maturity that we have instill within ourselves which could be a unique instrument in judging others.

    So in context to the above, I am very much in line with the author, adding that I am not completely convinced with the ME. The overall reason behind judging others is to find out whether the same will lead us to any harm or else will help us to achieve our objective. As per ME, we should go for the positive attribute of any individual. But its understood that each one of us having both the qualities. So the only difference remains is the ration on which these traits are divided.

    I myself have had a bad experience as I could believed any one easily in my past life. Now as I have learned about the people & the life then others keep on trying taking advantage of you. As far as I know we need to change with the times or else we may get lost somewhere & someday we tend to forget like never existed.

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    #633899 - Statistically, about 40,000 rape cases per year are being registered these days in India.

    Under such a backdrop, it doesn't appear a wiser move in blindly going for looking only good characteristics in a stranger.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What are bad characters, how bad is bad for us (this is a variable quotent). For some, anyone who regularly takes alcohol is bad. A woman who is just nice to others in the office can be branded as being bad. What I mean to say is there are so many behavioral qualities that would be wrongly projected or perceived as bad.

    Being social creatures, humans have to trust each other when they meet for the first time. It is very difficult to identify such people, it takes some time for one to get acquainted and then judge whether the person is good or bad. Even this is easier said, than done.

    People who have two faces, plastic smiles, always trying to use us at any opportunity for selfish reasons or personal gain, people who borrow money without the intention of returning it. People who purposefully sour friendships or relationships among relatives are some who would be identified by observing subtle differences in their behavior, their attitude to situations and often by intuition.

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    One ought to be mindful when trying to figure out if the person you meet is a bad character – it can backfire often. Everybody carries some baggage, and others can notice your baggage too! It is more a matter of how big the baggage is and if something is done to reduce it.

    If you have practiced listening to your 'voice of conscience' or 'inner voice' or 'gut-feeling' or whatever term used for it, then you'd be generally aware immediately. Of course, it is always a better option for most of the time to look for the positives and work on that. The positive input given by you can often change the other party's negative thoughts about you and things work towards better communications and arrangements.

    We can't afford to tie ourselves up with only our own circle of known people. That is such a waste of potential in you that can be channeled to lend a helping hand/word/action to someone struggling for some encouragement. It can make some dramatic changes we may never realize that came about just because of that one little thing done at the right moment. There are some real-life stories about how a casually friendly act was the one thing that prevented someone from suicide.

    It is perfectly fine to work with people who are not perfect and work around the shortcomings. Others will do the same for you too. There isn't anyone who is really perfect.

    Personally, I find that one is more alerted to 'bad character' easier when they are not sucked up into the social networks of all shades (facebook, whatsapp. Instagram, twitter etc.) being actively involved in these for no purpose other than just for the freebies makes people mind a bit calloused to realities of life. Another thing is the addictive watching of those TV serials (where people don't talk but bark; always suspicious of others; promoting fear/hate/vengeance/negativity etc.). Keeping oneself away from these are natural conduits for having clear hearing of the inner voice and of discernment.

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    A saying says"Show me your friend I shall tell you what you are?" So to a great extent, the company of the person will decide about the character of the person.
    Anyway, this is a generalized saying as such, one must give reasonable margin to the saying, and must try to get confirmation from other sources also before we come to a conclusion about the reliability of the person in question.

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