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    Suggestions to create employment opportunities in our country.

    We are a developing country and with our sustained growth in many sectors, we are able to make a place for ourselves in the international platform.

    Being a developing country we are also facing many problems and one of the major problems in our country is getting employment. We have a large population as well as a large number of educated and highly qualified people with us but there are limited job opportunities. There is also a big problem of getting a commensurate job as per one's qualification.

    I seek suggestions from the members as how to increase the job opportunities in our country ? What measures Govt can take in this respect ?
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    What I feel that if the Central government and state governments give equal opportunity to Industries and agriculture, there can be substantial growth in employment and new employment opportunities too. Normally we have been seeing that right from first planning commission, the out lay for agri culture and Industry was done on alternate basis and thus many Industries lagged behind and Agriculture also could not develop. And those who are interested in Engineering should also be motivated to Agriculture side so that new ways to improve farm section and there by generating new jobs. And those who are interested to do self business, the government must help them with ideas and and also arrange loans from banks without hassles. Each big Industry must have ancillaries and that should be locally made available.through small units.
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    Especially in the Agriculture sector, the farmers are not able to get a good price for their items and so this sector is having problems which must be addressed by state and central governments. More startups are coming up and I.T industry is seeing more changes and more opportunities are increasing. The students need to have the required skills to get the job in the I.T industry. What we can see that is that students have a shortage in their skills and it must be improved by giving development programs to smoothen their career. We need to bring more jobs in the manufacturing sector to improve the Make in India program.
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    No worthy person ever remains unemployed. They learn some skill and start working peacefully without much fanfare. The unemployment hoax and blame game holding government responsible is the creation of incompetent people.

    Every year many innocent students and their parents become victims of the education mafia who lure them to shell out hefty fee in lieu of a nondescript degree but which imparts no knowledge or skill to the fee payers. Such individuals keep on crying foul and blaming government for not creating enough employment opportunities.

    All degree holders cannot be accommodated in government jobs. Employment opportunities are created by the government by encouraging setting up of businesses and industries in private sector by formulating conducive policies and taking action like encouraging FDI.

    Buying degree is the payment phase, where you pay. That is easy. You are welcome since you pay irrespective of your competence level. But earning on the other hand is the receiving phase. You are not welcome unless and until you are able to earn Rs. 1,00,000 for your employer for becoming eligible to receive Rs.1 as salary.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Everyone need not think of only government jobs. There are many opportunities in India. There are many avenues in our country to create a way to earn our livelihood. I was having a driver for my car. He worked with me for 4 years. Then he has applied for a bank loan and purchased a taxi and started running it. Then he purchased another vehicle after repaying the loan on the first vehicle. Like that in a span of 6 years, he has three vehicles. One vehicle he is running, another vehicle his brother is running and the third vehicle he has taken a relative as a driver. Three of them are very happy now. A driver has become an entrepreneur now. Like this, there are many opportunities if we really look in.In cities, many apartments are coming and every building will have one watchman. In Hyderabad what I have observed from villages people will come with family and join as a watchman in an apartment. Current, water and house are free. He will start clothes ironing and all the inmates of that apartment will give him the clothes and they can earn good amount of money. Like this, there are many opportunities. Only thing is we have to look around. Many new temples are coming and every temple will have one priest. In Hyderabad, many places people are looking for priests in their temple.
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    We have to diversify from the traditional job sectors.There need to be some form of re-alingment in offices that have more people than the allocated chairs/posts. There would be offices that can be run efficiently if the management and administration (private or public) puts efforts into it.

    The Government needs to crack down on the bogus colleges that issue degrees wherein the students skills or competency is not assessed at all. Pay scale or pay hike should not be based on mere accumulation of age while being in the office or firm.

    Once we do this we would free up downs and new posts can be created. The unregulated sector have a supply and demand where in the middleman makes the money and the Government looses on the tax. Bring this unregulated sector into the main fold,this would create a pool of job.

    People should be made to realize that a Government job is not for life, it is based on performance, productivity etc. From the people's view point, they also should start scouting for jobs other than the main stream one. People need to be enterprising enough to explore, delivery jobs, odd jobs man, home to home groceries, supplying small household products etc.

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