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    What is the logic behind purchase of Gold on Akshara Thritiya?

    Akshara Thritiya is being celebrated tomorrow and it is one of the reasons for the hike of gold rate during the past one week. Don't know exactly the mythological reasons but people strongly believe that purchase of Gold even 1 gm on that day would favour them luck and blessing of almighty. Never before I observed or might have ignored if my parents had too the sentiment but found it more prevalent in the state of Maharastra when I was living in Pune twelve years back. This trending continued in other parts including the Southern states and in Odisha too. May be I styarted observing it after my stay at Pune.

    The belief is now on its high pitch and one argument is that it is the tactic of the Gold business to attract more customers and thus luck is favouring to them to sell at higher rate. But what is the logic behind the customary purchase of Gold on the eve of Akshara Thritiya? I could have asked it in AE section but wanted to know more from our active Forum contributors.
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    Akshaya Tritiya also was known as Akti is festival for Hindus and Jains and it happens during late April and early May. People believe that when buying gold during this time will fetch more happiness and increases our wealth in the family. The price of the gold also increases due to this festival and heavy rush will happen in the shops. Every year this festival happens and people believe in it. This tradition has been following from the past years.
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    I believe that the only logic behind propaganda that buying gold on akshaya tritiya is auspicious is to prompt common people to buy more gold so that the merchants can earn more profit. It is nothing but a marketing strategy of the bullion traders. I am not sure if such marketing strategies are taught in management colleges or not.

    As a matter of facts all festivals are occasions to earn for merchants. The common man spends his hard earned money to celebrate festivals and all such money goes to the merchants. Only they gain, all others lose.

    In India majority of people are God fearing and therefore the marketing strategies knit mythological or religious factors with buying of certain types of goods.

    Not only gold, buying other costly items like cars, property etc. is also instigated on akshaya tritiya in northern India.

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    It is nothing but a marketing strategy introduced and adopted by the Jeweller community to make good sale of their gold on the name of Akshaya Triti.
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    As far as I know, there is no any logic or theory behind this. In our earlier days, we even don't know about this festival. Now people are having a lot of money whim them and they spend lavishly. There is no concept of saving for tomorrow. So the business people try to make merry out of this beliefs from people. So they started giving a lot of advertisement to this festival which was non-existent 20 years before.
    Ladies are fond of Gold, They have money. So this is a reason to go and buy gold. In a way, many are encouraging this because at least in the form of gold the younger generation will keep some savings. If tomorrow some emergency comes they can utilise this gold by encashing it. Other than this I don't know or heard any relevant information in this festival

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    The basic thing of Akshya Thrithiya is the thing what we do on that day will get increased further and further. People normally do good offerings like food offering, buttermilk offering to others, praying for others as well for our family persons, all such good deeds will enrich the flourished mentalities in us. Money minded people if they buy gold, silver, diamonds can buy as they wish in order to get doubling up. But for that we should not intend to buy gold or silver or diamond by obtaining loan or with pain for the sake of the Akshya thrithia. I got one message in whatsapp that as the present need of us is water, we can keep a jug of water Pooja Room and pray on the day of Akshya Thrithiya for wellness in water supply for our state, country and universe. It is really a good suggestion, I hope we also follow the prayer on the day of Akshya Thritya.

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    It is purely a marketing technique. There are a good percentage people who could be easily mislead. They go after any offer if there are some concession. That is why we have the lottery business here. Even State Governments make use of this weakness of this group of people to make money.
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    Just now I heard a pravachanam from a Sanskrit Scholar who was saying about This Akshaya Truthiya. The friend of Lord Krishna, known as Kuchela who is a very poor man came on this day to see him. He brought little-fried rice flakes with him to give as a gift to his friend. That is the only item he has with him. So Lord Krishna took a portion of it and offered him a lot of wealth. So we should donate the best possible item to a needy person so that we will get more happiness in his life. He added that purchasing gold is a gimmick created by the business people. Donating Chappals or umbrella or clothes on this day to a needy person will bring so many good things into our life as per him. so this purchasing gold is a marketing strategy created by the business people and we are all blindly believing the same.
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    Legend says that those who purchase gold on Akshaya Thrithiya, the asset would sustain its life and wont be sold or mortgaged. Normally gold is given to the bride and grooms during marriages to stand as the guarantee at even midnight as money can be got in exchange of gold or mortgaging it. So girls parents ensure that they procure the gold on this day and give to the girl , so that she should not feel left alone during the crisis and that gold can be pledged in case of emergency cash requirement. However this day has become the marketing strategy for jewelers as they are coming with lots of offers and discounts which tempts every house hold to queue up to the gold shops and thus the rates have been jacked up. What I feel that those who are already having gold, let them cherish its presence and pray that it should not be pledged in the life time. That is enough for the life because as long as we are happy and contained we wont pledge the jewels.
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