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    Showering money on the music performers. Is that good practice ?

    People in most of the Gujarat programs and functions are organizing the music party and they are calling famed singers to perform live. And while the songs are being rendered, the fans get in to mood and shower currencies on the performers. It is against law to shower currency and we respect the money as the Goddess of Lakhshmi. Then how come such acts of showering currencies are allowed and even the police seems to be silent spectator on this issue. Do you support showering of currencies , is that a good practice to prolong even in these days when ATM's are sporting with no cash boards and currencies are showered for fun ?
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    I am against this practice of showering currencies on music performers. We know that music is good for enjoying, but it should not be allowed to perform in a bad manner. Showering currencies against performers are itself a disrespect towards them and I haven't seen such incidents in our state. Usually, it happens due to the lack of knowledge and it must be stopped within immediate effect.
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    Showering currency notes is a bad practice, be it on the musicians or on the dancers in the dance bars of Mumbai. The practice of showering money is a social evil though prevalent in almost all parts of India. In North India, people shower money over the bridegroom and other dancers during the barat processions. In such cases, it becomes a status symbol to shower money. People vie with each other in showering money in terms of denominations.

    The Maharashtra Prohibition of Obscene Dance in Hotels, Restaurants and Bar Rooms and Protection of Dignity of Women (Working therein) Act, 2016 has prohibited showering of money over dancers. The provision was challenged but found favour with the Supreme Court, which said the law respected 'the dignity of woman and dignify decency and culture'.

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    It has become a practice in many places in India to through coins and showers currency on artists. In villages, if go to a movie in a theatre people through coins and flowers when their favourite hero and heroine perform a dance on the screen. After the show is over the persons who will clean the theatre will collect this money. SImiarly for Dasra Navaratri and Vinayaka Navaratri some street shows will be organised and local people who are in the profession will perform a dance as seen in the movie. At that times also people try to shower money on them. Actually many artists encourage and try to show off so that they can get more money. These days such programmes are prohibited. This type of incidents shows the carelessness of the people and understanding the value of the money is another reason. No one should encourage this and the children should be taught about this and we should condemn such acts if anyone if trying to that in our presence.
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    As already our culture and traditional follow ups are in under foot by our own people, this is one among them. Many of us do not believe the sayings or hearing the sayings of elders by simply saying they are superstitions etc., But when they face the situation or complications or bad results they just feel for non observing their words. If the same are house elders mere feeling the same after their departure will yield no result for both. Sentimentally money is considered as Mahalakshmi and valuable one to any. People even tell us not to keep the purse with money in the backside of pant as it is equal to insulting the money. If our foot touches the notebooks or books we used to feel bad as it is not a respecting way of education. We have been trained like that only but now everybody and everything changed like walking with cheppals inside the house, pouring cash(coints and notes) on the celebrities and winning heads, dressing in awkward way, mocking elders and commenting others openly etc., are just ways to ruin. Already we are great inflation and highghghggh cost of living,where will we go, if we insult money also in such way

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    Showering currency notes on performers is an ugly act of pomp and show. It is illegal also.

    This thread has reminded me an old story about a rich person who offered tea prepared on the heat by burning one rupee notes in an old fashioned stove. The rich person burned a lot of these notes to get the tea boiled and presented the same with proud to that friend.

    To a rational mind it may look like an insane act but to rich people it is the opportunity to flaunt their riches.

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    Who cares?

    Many things in our life that we are doing is not up to law or not proper but these happening too. This is to be noted that we all not believe in God. Few are atheist by nature & so for them money doesn't represent any representation to God. These are just the commodity & nothing. So this could be the means of enjoyment for them.

    Although I do agree with the concern of the author here but don't find means to forbid those for doing such act. So, what we can do is to take a note of all those activities that we are doing by ourselves but work on those to improve & get rid of those which is not good.

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    Showering of fresh crisp currency notes on dancers and during celebrations, using garlands made out of fresh currency notes etc looks out of place and is disrespectful because many of us worship Goddess Lakshmi at homes and business establishments. Fans of heroes also throw coins and small value denomination notes from the balcony during the first day, the first show of a new movie, very common in South India.

    Instead, it can be gracefully given in hand to the people which looks more dignified. I think, the joyous occasion, celebratory mood, the customs, to be noticed by others etc all make people shower money. This practice can easily be stopped, people just need some self-restraint.

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