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    Let us introspect - should we praise it or condemn it?

    People spend a lot of money on pomp and show in marriage or likewise ceremonies. Those who have money flaunt it in all ways even shabbily. Those who do not have resources also try to celebrate grandly even by taking loans.

    In such an atmosphere there are prudent and simple persons who spend in essentials and avoid unnecessary expenditures and show-offs and complete the function in a reasonable budget.

    Unfortunately, the friends and relatives, instead of learning from them, criticize and backbite their efforts.

    What do you feel about this? Should we imbibe them or criticize them?
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    After all, we are here on this earth to live for few years and die. Why not we live our life with fun and joy. Marriage and other home functions are such occassion to enjoy. Let us live happily and die without any regret. The rich can spend unnecessarily, but the poor should spend wisely without taking loan.
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    The expenditure should be within our reach. A person who is having crores of rupees may spend a huge money. But we should know what is our limit. Within our limits, without taking loans for interest we can perform the marriage or any other function. The enjoymen6t and spending should be as per the purse. A person may have only one son and he may be having a good amount of money. If he spends money there is no problem. It is as per his capacity. Another person need not worry by seeing them that he is not able to spend. Everyone will have their own limits. A fox is a fox and a tiger is a tiger. A fox should never attempt to behave like a tiger,
    It is primarily a matter of personal interest and capability. Nothing more than that.

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    It happens only in India. Here people splurge not only their hard earned money but even take loans also to squander the same in the wedding functions of their sons and daughters. The parents vie with their relatives to make the event memorable and unprecedented. In many cases, the boys are not competent enough to earn even a single paisa but still the parents will celebrate their weddings as if they are a prince.

    I think the money wasted in wedding functions can create an employment opportunity if invested wisely in an entrepreneurial pursuit. The unemployed bridegroom can start a business or an industry on a tiny scale.

    The earning boys and girls also can invest their money or their parent's money in suitable mutual funds etc. to multiply the same for use in raising their children in future or in imparting higher education to them. There can never be any justification for such blatant disregard of the hard earned money.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In India, people who can afford to often have a lavish function, sometimes the engagement itself will be like a marriage function.Although there are no strict regulations, people frown up such mega-budget ceremonies among the rich and powerful including politicians.

    At least, those who can afford are fine, it's just a matter of appropriateness but there are people who cannot have a lavish affair, they borrow money to have a grand wedding for their son or daughter. The reason, they give is, it is a one in a lifetime event, so spend money so that people and children will remember it.

    Finally, it comes down to an individual's mindset and thoughts. We can have a decent simple function well within the limits and donate the excess to the needy or even give it to the couple to start their new lives. So, In India, neither can we praise it nor we can condmen ( it's not our earned money), we can only express our displeasure against such lavish spendings.

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    Fools are the people who spend a lot of money on pomp and show in marriage or likewise ceremonies because they do not know the value of the money nor they know how to spend the money wisely. It is not necessary to flaunt by spending huge money just for the sake of others to show that even you too can spend. And I am totally against those who do not have finance and try to barrow from others and taking loans to celebrate the functions. I am with those who understands the need for spending where required and behave sensibly. And we generally wont like the people who does not undertake lavish spending on marriages and functions and dub them as Kunjoos. Unfortunately, we indulge in criticize and backbite their efforts. But just imagine , in these days of higher cost and time taken, every detail program pinches the pocket and we must cooperate with the hosts not insisting grand functions.
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    Decide & work on your priorities & leave the rest.

    Show-off is a temporary aspect so avoid this & enjoy your life within your limit. We don't give justice to ourselves whenever we make comparison with others. Only few of them that ever born are remembered even today. Rest are meant to get forgot.

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