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    Develop the reading habit in yourself if you want to develop it in your children

    Reading Newspaper, magazines, comics, novels, etc is important for everybody but especially important for the students. I have found many parents insist their children read books but this does not work. The teachers also tell students to go to the library and read books but only some students have interest in reading books. I have made it compulsory for every teacher of my school to visit the library and read books with the students. By doing this I observed that interest is created in the students and they also eagerly visit library and issue books to read.
    Similarly, I request the parents to develop reading habit at home so that your children follow you and they also have interest in reading books. Reading habits will improve their general knowledge, general awareness, different skills, etc.
    Members are requested share their opinion in this thread.
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    Reading Newspapers and books is really important in the fast-moving technology arena. One needs to find information about the things which happen in the world. Only through Newspapers, we can find this information. When the years get passed, only the knowledge stays with you and other things will be deleted from your mind. Make sure that your children read books and Newspapers so that they can grow with the knowledge. Children who are at schools will have work which makes them enthusiastic to work and it makes them lead a life which will be helpful for their family members. Children waste their time, just by surfing the internet and they waste it on unwanted things. A child who has knowledge can lead this world with new ideas and ideologies.
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    Good advice to the parents and house persons in order to develop children. It has been noted by me personally when we, elders do something the children will also copying the same. I used to walk fast normally and seen some school children on the road copying me and walk fast along with me. If we follow the advice of the author in our house the good habit of reading newspaper or books get developed in ourselves as well in children.

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    It is true that reading is a good habit. Of late it is observed that the habit of reading is coming down and writing is coming down still further. Reading in the computer and typing on the computer is more. So reading a physical copy of a book or newspaper habit is reduced these. Any Information we want we can google it. We can copy paste the information. We need not read the matter thoroughly also. But for a student reading books is very important to improve your knowledge. The search on Google may not always give the total information you want in one place. So if you read a book on the topic concerned you will get a good knowledge of the subject. So as advised by the author the parents should read and they should see that their wards will also read books for getting a better understanding of the subject. As a parent, it is our minimum duty to see that our children will be good in reading and writing which will make them understand the subject well. I hope all the parents will make a note of it.
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    Yes I agree with the author that what the parents does, the children are ready and eager to follow to the hilt and also feel happy to do so. If a child is not studying, do not compel him to do so, instead you and your wife must start reading a book unmindful of the child what he is doing. Suddenly he also realizes that some thing has to be written as it was pending or some thing has to be read. Like that a child can be slowly brought into reading habits. And if a child has elder brother or elder sister, it is very easy to induce the smaller child to study and write by simply advising the elder one to do so.
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    Agreeing to the author's view, I would like to comment with a fact that the situation is still not that worse. Throughout the curriculum, we see the main study material are the books. Even for any competition exams the students are referred to the books. So still the books are playing the major roles that even news papers are read more then any access to media or the news channels.

    But fact remains that the media is playing a major role with the use of smart phones & the internet. And because of the readiness the whole lot of information in it, these has become the part of latest trend.

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    I have noted a very good practice in a family very close to me. The mother started reading books aloud only when the infant was few months old. The child used to hear the rhythmic sound of reading a book instead of a lullaby. The parents bought for the child many books specially designed for kids and put a bookrake also in the kid's room along with all other kinds of toys. The kid has developed a habit of listening to story books daily at the bedtime before sleeping. One of the kid's parent read a story or rhyme book aloud daily at the bedtime and the kid also joins by repeating learned rhymes. .

    I think the above mentioned case is a good example of inculcating reading habits in the children.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Children imitate parents, elders, family members or teachers because they like them or out of fear sometimes. If a teacher is strict and stern, you will see primary school children listening to whatever he/she says to avoid punishment. But rest of the times, because they like the person or they treat adults as their idols, they will do what we do.
    If the parents have the any regular habits, they will be copied, in this manner, if parents/family members or teachers are reading books, this will encourage the children also to read.
    The only change I would add is try and involve the children, story reading, book reading sessions etc, make it interactive in the beginning, get the child to love and nurture the habit of reading for fun, then for knowledge. This would work well.

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    Reading books is the best pastime, not only for adults but also for children. This habit should be inculcated at a very young age ,and of course this is been done with the help of elders at home. The role of academics too plays a great role. The children get the love of reading when they are given a chance to read aloud in the classroom.
    Visiting libraries also encourage the children to get into the habit of reading. Once in a while parents should take the children to private libraries too, instead of going and spending time elsewhere.The new technology is making libraries remote. If there is a library like the British Council, definitely the children should be introduced to it.
    Reading improves the vocabulary and more knowledge is acquired. A good reading habit also helps in developing one's personality.

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    Reading is one of the greatest hobbies of all the times and even in the present juncture when every palm is loaded with a smartphone and people make all sort of excuses that they do not have time to read books, this has still got a tremendous value in the life of knowledgeable people.
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    Nice thread by the author. Reading is a very good habit. It enriches the knowledge and makes us more understanding. The more we are into reading, the more good and smart thinking we develop. Although, I do not have this habit much in me. But after reading this thread, I will definitely try to make it a habit to read a good book an hour every day.
    Reading makes us wise and also increases our creativity. It is a very good habit to develop.

    Do what inspires you !!

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