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    The two most important days in you life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

    The title of the thread is a famous quote of Mark Twain, lauded as the greatest American humorist of his age.

    However, I believe that the cited quote is neither a humor, nor a satire. It is not a witty remark either for which Mark Twain had no rival. Instead, it is one of the golden nuggets of wisdom ever recorded in writing by the human beings.

    The day of birth is important because on this day only the journey begins. However, many unfortunate individuals simply get born and vanish one day like any other creature including insects.

    It is very important to know as to why we are born? What is the purpose of our human life? In case, we are not able to discern the purpose of our life, then it is as good as that of any other animal.

    The day of death is not important as on that day, the story ends.
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    People Born and die one day and we all human beings know that from the first day when we are born. People tend to follow the persons who are famous and celebrities and when they die of sudden, most people tend to pour tears for that concerned person. When ordinary people die, only the family will be there to adjust to the situations. A Man or Women tend to have some responsibilities towards their life and when these responsibilities are met, they tend to find life as a successful one. When people are not able to satisfy their wishes and die one day, then other concerned family member needs to lead the life and take care of the family. Some people simply live and they do not fulfill the wishes of the family members.
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    There is a play boy who plays with clay toys. That play boy is none but the God. He creates the human and other creatures like a toy; give life and make them to play. And he destroys the old toys that is the death. This is what is the truth about our life on earth from the birth. There is no other purpose behind his creation.
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    A good quote. But I don't understand even today after 60 years of my birth, what is the purpose of my journey. What is that we have done especially in this world so that people will remember us for long.People like Swami Vivekananda, Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Sastry and Vajpayee who contributed something or other for the society can say what is the reason behind their birth. But when you think about a common man, studies, then a job, marriage and then children. So I don't why the birth is. Anyhow without doing any ill-doings to anybody and leaving a good name behind is itself a great achievement these days. So if we are sure we have not done harm we should feel happy.
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    As per me three days are important in our lives. One is the birth date to which every one is so dear and even celebrate the birthday every year, and the second important date is the first day job of a permanent career in life and the third one is the death day. While the first day of a permanent job is most cherished one, we all miss our death day which is observed by our relations and friends. And that is why we have the habit of noting down the date of the birth, time and place so that the exact horoscope of the child can be taken out and things would happen as per the right predictions.
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    #633905 - Though the thought or philosophy contained in the quote has an altogether different connotation but the simple and down to earth interpretation of the author by saying that the day of getting a permanent job is the second most important day in one's life, nowadays is attention grabbing.
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    If you ask a scientific mind trained in logical thinking, it would say, why we are born is simple because of the biological union of two cells to create a third life.

    But, finding out why we are born is more of a philosophical journey of self-reflection, introspection that needs maturity and certain good human qualities. Having a good job, having the luxuries of life are not the reasons why we are born.

    A person who goes beyond the call of his duty to help another human without expecting anything in return. A person who lives for his principles no matter the hardships he faces. A person to whom people look up with respect and love. A person who dedicates a part of his time, money and skills to get rid of social evils, these are some examples of people who have found out why they were born. The rest know the day they were born.

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