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    Useful tips for our daily use

    Hope the following are find as useful tips in our daily usage:
    * If we find any stain in our dress a drop of vinegar can be applied before wash and the stain will get away from the cloth.
    * When we bought a pot made of clay afresh, before usage apply some edible oil inside and outside of the pot and slightly heat over the oven. After that if we use we can avoid crack and sand smell.
    *While preparing tomato chutney, adding some fried and powdered sesame, gives more taste.
    *If Fried pappads found excess, it can be kept in a refrigerator by placing them into a plastic cover with closed tightly.
    *Keeping Naptha balls in wash basins well keep the odour away as well drive germs.
    *Old unused tooth brushes can be used for cleaning/wiping the dust in the beadings of windows and almirah. They can even be used for applying oil in the grill gates.
    * Dining tables can be cleaned by water mixed with camphor or salt to drive flies etc.,
    * When the scent bottles got emptied, some water can be poured into them and use the water while washing to get the cloths with smell.
    * While preparing Lemon juice, a drop of ginger juice can be added to get a good aroma
    *When preparing bindi fry some drops of lemon juice make the fry well.
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    Good tips from you to follow. Your tip about clay pot is new to me. I shall keep it in mind while I get any new earthern pot. Thank you lot for the information provided by you.

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    This is a good piece of advice and most of the people who are having busy schedules can follow these tips to follow in the kitchen. Most of them prepare food without having sufficient ingredients which leads to bad preparation. I request the author to write these tips as an article and post it in the correct category.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    I would say that,

    "This is the only time that we can make use of & rest is of no use", so stop thinking too much & decide the target & move on. If you remain cool then rest will follow will also be good.

    Request to thank God for another sweat morning & do your best through out day so as not to repent for any actions. Remember that we don't options of coming back so need proper planning & execution. Don't feel bad for your mistakes but learn from it with a attitude of not repeating this twice. Enjoy every moment but at the same time don't compare with others.

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    The author has shared good information and it will be useful for many.Many of the issues described are known but I got one or two new tips from this post. Thanks to the author for the same.
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    #633893@ Ved Prakash Anand. I think, the reply would be some other thread as it's out of sync.

    Glad to hear the simple but very useful tips. I learn't from one of my friend's abroad that keeping an orange with cloves pierced into the skin (Pomander) is useful as a odor neutralizer for drawers and small rooms.

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    The tip on earthen pot is very new and useful too. When we purchase new pot, we cannot use it immediately as the clay smell has to go for at least two days of raw use.
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    All types of stains may not go only with a drop of vinegar. Nowadays, many new synthetic materials are used for various purposes in the household, stains of which require special treatment to get rid of.

    Earlier earthen pots were used for cooking food also. In such cases smearing the same with vegetable oil and heating may prove helpful in getting rid of sand smell etc. However, earthen pots to be used for storage of water may not deserve such treatment.

    As far as making anything more tasteful is concerned, it depends on the regional peculiarities also e.g. ginger or sesame may not be a preferred choice of all individuals across the globe.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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