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    Do you store drinking water in matkas or earthen pots for cooling during summers?

    Summers has started in the north India. Temperature has reached in the forties. In my city Lucknow as well as in other cities of northern India we can find matkas or earthen pots being sold on either side of certain roads to be used for storing drinking water for cooling during summers. Still many people prefer to drink matka cooled water during summers instead of refrigerated chilled water.

    In Lucknow, a specially designed long necked earthen pot known as 'surahi' is also popular. Such matkas or surahis are made of clay mixed with sand which makes small micro pores in the vessel through which water comes out due to capillary action. Evaporation of such seeped out water caused water to get cooled.

    Do you store drinking water in matkas or earthen pots for cooling during summers?
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    We store water in earthen pots only in summer. We never take cold water from the refrigerator. In summer we take from earthen pots and in other seasons we use copper vessels for storing water. We carry water to the office in plastic bottles. The water gets cold in pots and gives us a good satisfaction.We will have to pots so that we can maintain sufficient water in the pots always.It is good to keep these earthen pots in a sand base as the cooling will be more effective. The pots will have very small apertures through which water will be getting evaporated for heat outside and maintains the inside water at a low temperature. By keepig, these pots in sand bases the cooling will be further effective.
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    I do not like the cool water from the fridge, instead I have Matka or the earthen pot which is cool and also tasty. And cool water in Matka is maintained where as in fridge, it varies.
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    These are the oldest of the tricks wherein we are keeping the stored water. The good thing is that this generates the natural cooling with natural minerals in it which gets lost when we use the filtered water from the electronic purifiers.

    This is something which is readily available in all places & can be adjusted anywhere with no heavy costing involved. The modern life has changed everything here, the time we get up in the morning to the time we go to sleep, putting a heavy burden on the natural resources resulting in the irregular life style & undue problems around us. Using earthen pots is a natural & effective way of keep away the thirst. I still remember that during travels we used to keep "Surahi" with us till we started using "thermos".

    But for whatever reasons we are using these earthen pots at our home for keeping water because of the essential reasons that its good in mineral content.

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    Incidentally the word 'surahi' is defined in the oxford dictionary as 'an Indian clay pot with a long neck, used for storing water'.
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    We have both water in the fridge and water in the mud/clay pot. Using both randomly, I find the pot water sweeter during summer. At our homes, they add one amla or a few nellikaais (small alma like berries) or a few betel leaves in it. It gives a unique taste to the water, one can try it out.

    Before the awareness about plastic was high, we had the long Tupperware bottles filled with ice lemon tea. Having a matka is good, if not at least, we can tie a wet towel or a cloth around the steel water container so that it stays a little cool.

    Earlier, in our villages, people would keep large mud pots with a glass hanging with a small change. These water stalls would be under some tatched small shelters. As children, we have drunk water from these pots many times without ill-effects. Another beauty was well water, as children we used to just ask the women drawing water to pour us some water to drink, they would happily oblige.

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    Yes we do, in summer we can get in Chennai and around areas earthen pot with tap. We use to put some nannari (indian sarsaparilla) which gives a good taste as well coolness further. In our Madurai, during summer almost all places they are offering free supply of buttermilk, water by keeping shelters. In one street named South Avani Moola Street, where we can have many jewellery shops they collectively arranged for covering whole street with coconut leaves shelter for enabling the walking people in shady but cool roads. At every distance they keep earthen pots with water and tumblers for passerby people.

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    We need not use a clay pot to store water during summer. Very simple is this. Bring some pebbles from the river bed and place it in the steel or copper or brass vessel where you store water. The water gets cooled like a fridge water or clay pot water. Have you tried this? If not try it now.
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    I strictly not allow refrigerated water in my home. We use a clay pot, which I wash every day and cover it with wet thick cloth, to keep it cool. It takes around 1 hour for water to become cold in clay pots but this water gives a kind of satisfaction which the refrigerated water cannot give.

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    Yes, we store drinking water in Matkas for cooling during summer seasons. It is the best way to get good chilled water during this period. The water of freeze does not have the good taste like the taste of Matka and the water of Matka does not affect adversely. Everyone at the home can use this water of Matka. But the water freeze is not suitable for the person who has asthma, cold and cough problem, allergies, etc. so it is a good practice to store water in Matkas to cool in summer season.
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