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    Let us enrich our vocabulary by learning peculiar collective nouns

    A collective noun is a noun that appears singular but denotes a group of persons or objects. Some common examples of collective nouns are -

    a. A band of musicians
    b. A board of directors
    c. A choir of singers
    d. A class of students etc.

    However, there are many collective nouns which are used sporadically but look peculiar and even amusing e.g.

    a. A parliament of owls
    b. A business of flies
    c. An intrusion of cockroaches
    d. A tower of giraffes etc.

    Let us share more collective nouns for enriching our vocabulary.
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    A bunch of flowers,
    A group f students,
    A heap of sticks,
    A bundle of grass.
    A bunch of Jokers,
    A group of fools,
    I feel these also will come under collective nouns. Like this, there are many collective nouns which we will use in English

    always confident

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    Few more to add
    1. Murder of crows
    2. colony of ants
    3. swarm of bees
    4. herd of cattlle
    5. mob of people
    6. a bouquet of flowers
    7. library of books
    8. pack of wolves
    9. shoal of fish
    10.Fleet of ships

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    I will like to add a few more in the list -
    Flock of birds.
    Wardrobe of clothes.
    Reservoir of oil.
    Pack of cards.
    Steaks of chicken.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The thread was raised basically with the intention of sharing unusual and amusing collective nouns like 'a parliament of owls' instead of run of the mill collective nouns.

    Let us find such collective nouns from various resources and share for enriching each others knowledge.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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