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    Are we really working within the spirit of democracy?

    Though the national media which spent hours for telecasting the episode of 21 debarred AAP MLAs by the Election Commission of India and their disqualification due to their holding of the positions of office of Profit, the ruling by the Delhi High Court cancelling the EC orders and reinstating them as MLAs could not get much attention.

    In another episode, the Legislative Assembly of Telangana was in chaos the state Governor was addressing the joint session of the state Assembly and Council and the Chairman of the State Legislative Council got injured due to throwing off the mike by an MLA. Within hours, the two MLAs responsible for the incident were dismissed from the assembly and recommended for fresh elections. Now the High Court of Telangana has cancelled the order stating that the individuals were not sought any explanation and not given fair chance to plead their case in the floor of the assembly. These to get reinstated.

    But why so much hurry in such actions requiring interventions of the court? Why are the people at the helm of affairs not free from biased decisions? Are we really working within the spirit of democracy?
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    There are many such examples when we have to hang our heads in shame. Take the example of MPL Rajagopal, suspended congress MP from Andhra Pradesh who while protesting against the formation of Telangana state, had sprayed a bottle of pepper spray while standing in the well of the house. He even smashed glass on the table and created ruckus in the house causing other MPs including the Speaker Meira Kumar to cough. The TDP MP Venugopal Reddy even brandished a knife within the Lok Sabha.

    There are numerous such examples of unruly behaviour of elected representatives in the august house, parliament. The examples of various assemblies is even more shameful.

    Initially after independence of India only a single party used to rule and opposition political parties had not tasted the blood of power. Now after having ruled themselves, they are familiar with the intricacies of the government system and therefore know that there is a skeleton inside the cupboard. Also, they find themselves on road totally deprived of the charms of the corridors of power.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The biggest problem in the history of independent India is that the large portion of the population is still not aware of their rights. Even the worst thing is that they don't have any intentions to knowing them. This is what make them suffer most as this could also lead to easily distraction from the essential news coverage. The political parties takes advantage of these.

    What the LE, has raised the concern is quite obvious in the sense that this remains as a news for us while at the same time not aware of the implications. If we involve ourselves to these also knowing the implications then possibly we can behave in a different manner but is not the case. As we can see that although belonging to a nation but we are divided within ourselves. We don't stand for the nation for the petty things like the caste community & the religions. Our life is just mingled around these with no improvement foreseen.

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    In democracy the party which has more information about rules and laws of the assembly and the precedents followed when the member agitates and the punishment thereof. they are at the winning ends and the punishment meted out to the MLA's are definite and sure and cannot be challenged in court. But in case of AAP MLA's being freed now , it is the clear case of vendetta and Kerjriwal Government has the reason to celebrate and corner the BJP on this counts. Even in Telangana Assembly the speaker was not allowing the Congress to raise the issue and thus they got irritated and thrown the mike and that happen to hit the Council speaker. So when the ruling party understands the need of the opposition, there is no threat for democracy, but it seems Including BJP, ways and means are incorporated to corner the members and win over the situation.
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    The people at the helm of affairs are behaving as the agents of some party or other. This is creating the real problem. There is no reasons why they should behave like that. When the government in centre wants to divide a state they have locked the Parliament and under force they done it. The speaker is silent. Now government don',t want to discuss no confidence motion and the speaker behaved as an agent of government. In Telangana CM wanted those two Congress MLAs to be removed. Speaker is silent. I think no better examples are required to show the attitude of speakers other than this incident.
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    At times we are forced to wonder, is there any decorum left in the Parliament and responsibility on the part of the elected leaders in the parliament house. While such aggressive and violent behavior may be normal within close doors, since the telecast and social media has started circulating these clips, it looks so odd and embarrassing to us. Everyone wants there own issues to be sorted out immediately, anyone who shouts more or create more ruckus, they would be noticed and the people of the constituency will feel very happy.

    When deciding on the action on such unruly behavior the higher authority should not act in haste or in the heat of the moment. They should issues orders or statement after at least seeking legal counsel. Can our decision backfire? have we been too harsh? At the same time, the members also should know the limits ( office of profit, hurling mikes etc need not be spelled out as wrong, one should be mature enough to know how to conduct themselves in the well of the house.

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