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    Do you instantly respond with a gift if a child reveals about his distinction marks in his studies ?

    Now a days every child is so intelligent and creative that they are excelling in the exams with very good marks. Getting 70 to 90 marks in each subject has been happening to almost every child in the class but we are certainly impressed by those students who get cent percent or by scoring 97 to 99 marks per subject. If such children come to you and reveal the score , how would you react ?. Will you support with some instant cash as the tip for the great work, or would you promise to buy some books for his future studies or would you commit to pay some fees for his further studies ?
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    Recently my brother's daughter got second prize with silver medal in Potato race. On coming from the school she informed this with happy. I took her to the nearest Hotel and offered whatever item she intends to eat. She happily accepted and ate.

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    As far as the spontaneous response is concerned, we should say few encouraging words to the students concerned instead of brandishing our purse to flaunt few crisp currency notes as an instant gift. Later on we may think about something else like organising a party to celebrate the achievement in case the student happen to be our family member or a close relative.

    Basically elders are supposed to motivate the students in their social circle. Also as far as rewards are concerned, the expectations of truly serious students are generally different than the normal students.

    I have noticed that praising such meritorious students in presence of guests inspires them greatly.

    That way the God has been kind to us. I did my best whatever was possible within my means to enable my son to get a fellowship for pursuing higher studies in US. However, he paid back later after completing his Ph.D. in computer science by joining Harvard for post doctoral research instead of joining a very good job, telling me that the universities in US selected by me were not that good.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well there has to be big surprises in that case.

    The objective is to inspire the child of doing even better in the future & not keeping up with the fake promises as if this gets settled in the mind of a child then he will be lost.

    A gentleman means a gentleman promise. Pl. keep this forever.

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    As far as possible I would instantly give money as the cash gift so that the child would feel very happy and blessed.
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    Yes, we do. The gift may vary from a chocolate to some useful item depending on where we are when the information is given,whether we may meet the child again in the next couple of days , the class etc.

    We do so for non-academic achievements also.,

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    We should encourage and motivate but we should not pamper. This is the point to be taken care when somebody comes and tells you about their success. When the children come and inform you about their achievement it is a good gesture to offer him a compliment and a gift to express our happiness. But we should not tell him to celebrate with his friends in a big way by giving him a huge money.
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    Appreciating a child's brilliant performance should not always be by money or a coveted gift. It reminds me of the circus trainer getting a parrot or a monkey to perform, for every correct task the animal is rewarded. This should not be so in the case of children.

    We should give them a pat on the back, a hug and some good words of appreciation. The gift and value would depend on the age and the achievement. Given them a gift by all means but downplay the importance of it because the young mind should not grow up associating a gift with every good performance and the opposite no gifts/harsh words if the performance is bad.

    If you want to gift them, give something useful and one which improves their thinking or creative skills. If there are 2 or 3 young siblings at home, we should be careful not to hurt the feelings of the other children at home, if you buy gifts to buy for all and let all be happy.

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