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    Competition does not influence quality and performance in politics.

    Generally, competition in education, school class, between teams, in business yields better performance. The quality or outcome points generally improve. If you've seen the CWG all India badminton final, the competition between both was excellent even though medals were granted.

    In business fields, competition translates into better pricing for the consumer and improve productivity and cost-effectiveness from the manufacturer.

    But in politics, this does not happen. There is stiff competition between candidates for getting tickets, hectic campaigning happens. But the outcome remains the same. People who did not get nominated (from all major parties) are indulging in disruption and destruction.

    Despite the stiff competition, once the results are out, we are back to square one, the common man has the same issues, funds not used, funds not available, shortage of everything. Already in some parts of Bangalore people are complaining, what's the use of so many people asking us to vote, when there is not drinking water for us?

    So, the logic that competition improves quality, performance and cost does not apply to the crowded political arena where all the above suffers and we end up paying for it.
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    Politics is altogether a different aspect to which we cannot apply all the rules, formulas and the proverbs. Here the fittest would survive. I was just watching a news item where in BJP candidate from Karnataka was denied ticket and he called for press conference just to covey his dismay and was seen going on weeping. Such weak persons are not required in politics. If he is sure of winning on his own, he can go as Independent candidate and file his nomination and see that he wins over the other parties. But that kind of guts wont present in leaders who want to bask in the fame of the party and then get elected.
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    The competition within different fields are more or less same in comparison to each other. That same tactics we use while doing a job in a private company & so in politics too. But the level of intensity of tactics increases as we go the upper level. It's important in any job or a profile that we need to facilitate our presence to others in order to get attraction of your bosses or among friends.

    Unique Selling Proposition or the USP, is a tool that emphasizes on something which is unique to you & is proved to be a good resource in order to lead or for going ahead.

    In addition, the author has also shown concern of decreasing quality of jobs in terms of commitment to the nation before election which doesn't last long as the politician is elected for a post.

    I would simply add about make yourselves aware of the latest trends in order to pressurize the politician in power. But we got the distractions also which has become our habit & we are repetitive in this acts. We can't do anything if we have the habit of forgetting things.

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    Competition in politics means competition in telling lies and making false promises to the voters for winning the seat despite the fact the all concerned know very well that there is going to be no difference in either of the contesting candidates winning. It makes difference only for the candidate who actually wins, grabs powerful position and siphon off money from the government coffers by indulging in corrupt practices.

    Different political parties and different aspirants from within the same political parties compete with each other for that 'power pie'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The competition in politics means it will further decrease the quality of politics. They never hesitate to stoop down to any level and do any unethical acts also to ensure their victory. So expecting quality by improving the competition is like expecting oil from desert sand. The competition in politics will adversely affect the quality. In all other cases, the quality will affect the quality positively.
    If there is a competition in politics the money and liquor will flow very high and ethics word will be out of the dictionary. They never hesitate to stoop down to any level to ensure their victory. So automatically quality will get affected in the other way.
    The good people can't survive in politics because of these problems only. so let us not expect heavy competition in politics so that at least some good people will be there in the Parliament and Assembly so that there will be some fight for good points.

    always confident

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    I take it as a bit humorously. It is like a cricket match. Both the rival tams go on trying to hit the wickets. Then at last the winning team takes away the wickets and the losing team never bother about that further.

    The people are like the wickets in a cricket match. They go on get hit by the rival parties all the time. Once the results are out, the winner takes it granted that the people are inside their bags and the loser simply do not bother .

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