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    Law Commission bats for simultaneous polls and also wants confidence motion to follow no confidence

    Ever since Modi government came to power, our PM has been insisting now and then that he favors for simultaneous polls to Assemblies and Parliament in one go. And on his advice the Law Commission has expressed its recommendation to the government that it favors for holding one time poll for various assemblies and Parliament in one go to save lots of money on staggered elections on different dates. Law Commission also recommended that when Opposition parties table no confidence motion, the ruling party can also undertake a confidence motion soon after.
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    During the current PM Modi Regime, we have seen a lot of decisions like the GST & Demonetization which once seemed not possible but the leadership has proved that if the intentions are good then the implementation also become possible.

    After we got independence, we never had the so improved image as we are witnessing in the mean time. We again see the possibilities that another decision is in pipeline & the process has already begun. This is going to be the important decision as this will completely change the scenario of the Indian Politics.

    We got to see a lot of stunts & rallies because of the elections being taking place anywhere & after a lapse of just a small time. Due to these elections we the common people we get the distractions from the agenda of development & growth. If the elections are conducted once in every five years for state as well as for center then the whole episode of politics would be left behind with the only objective of nation first.

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