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    Does India need a bullet train?

    After Mr. Narendra Modi became prime minister he announced bullet train project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad in collaboration with Japan and for this a cheap loan was also sanctioned by Japan.

    After this, there have been different voices among the people as to whether developing country like India requires a bullet train at this time when there are so many ground level problems still to be sorted out. Some people think that existing important problems of the country like poverty, unemployment, health etc should be invested on first rather than bullet train which will only serve the elite business people. People also say that even existing trains itself are not able to run properly and still require a lot of improvement and facilities so why spend on a bullet train right now?

    But there are many other people who share Prime ministers line of thinking. A bullet train will definitely bring India at par with the developed countries and it is the sign of India moving ahead in technology and looking high. The ground level problem in the country will not be sorted overnight but does that mean that we should stop thinking ahead in terms advanced things like a bullet train.

    So what is your take on this? With elections coming up, this point is sure to be brought up for discussion again. In view of the same, do you think Bullet train is really required in India and will be useful? Or you think it is a waste? Let's discuss.
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    I don't find a reason that I don't need a bullet train.

    It's not about the status but to go along with the time. In order to compare with the rest of the economies & finding the ways for generating more employment opportunities along with fast mode of commuting is the need of the hour. Don't we feel that we continue to have more employments & business options with this project. This will further strengthen the facilities of increasing status of the poor people as this will also result in the growth of the associated businesses too.

    Its like when a station is developed then the nearby places are also grows along with the main project. In continuation, if we see a more gathering then this increases the prospects other localities as well.

    One thing is to be noted that the people intend to stay ta a particular place not because of any one entity like hospital but the availability of other factors like employment, education, communication too.

    These are all interlinked so the growth of one entity would lead to the growth of another entity too. If we find anyone opposing these then this is just the distraction. So avoid it.

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    Why not?

    The basic problems will be always there and that is totally different matter. Poverty and unemployment are different thing which has to be work out differently. Have we not made Airport years back to have facility of Flights? I am sure at that time these problems were more, yet we had developed with our requirements. Everything is connected with each other force, if bullet train will facilitate only business class people, it will bring job for so many people.

    So, I find no problem if the bullet train facility is going to come.

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    Mr. Vij, I personally feel that a bullet train is good but a misguided priority. In the Indian Railways, many important posts which are essential for the safety of the passengers and running trains are vacant. The first and foremost priority is yet to be addressed. This route is likely to be a financial loss. Mr. E.Sreedharan, who is better known as a 'Metro Man' termed this project as a white elephant. The loan given by Japan is a very soft one. The project work has already commenced and the Bullet Train is likely to be operational by 2023. Let us wait and see. There is no point in discussing this now. This same subject was discussed in the forum previously.
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    We need to move ahead. Until unless we move ahead with the Bulllet train, we won't know the real value and the effect of Bullet trains. Just look at us. Having been with a telephone instrument at home, we have moved forward to hold a cell phone in our hand. Do anyone regret for this great change? Same will be the bullet train from the conventional trains running at slow speed, and the Bullet train running at high speed.
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    I do not support the Bullet train project of our Prime Minister Narender Modi for various reasons. Firstly Indian railway tracks are not that trust worthy and strong to take the brunt of fast bullet trains which needs straighter routes and not curved routes as present in the railway system. Secondly, our drivers are habituated to 110 to 120 kms fast running of trains and they cannot cope with fast running trains and even the passengers are not habituated to fast travel as they may also have the nausea etc. Lastly when the Railways cannot maintain the time existing trains and in the recent case a train was running without engine. I feel we are not ready for bullet train project.
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    In India both things will have to go parallelly. On one hand we will struggle for making India an open defecation country but on the other hand we will be launching hundreds of satellites into space and go for bullet trains like things.

    It is very difficult to wait for total eradication of poverty for launching modern systems like bullet trains in India. It is the need of the hour also as rapid transport systems are required with the increasing population. Also, our friendly country Japan has granted very liberal loan for the purpose.

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    I do not think that bullet train is important there are many other problems in railway which should be solved on priority basis. Bullet train is not for common people it is for the rich person which already want to travel through personal vehicles or by air. If you really want to do best for the common people there is the very bad condition of general coaches. Increase the general coaches in the train. So that the common people can travel easily in the peak time. I observed the poor men travel in general coaches with their children and treated very badly by TC. I many times travel in general coaches and found that the condition is very bad. So we have to provide some facilities there.
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    When, we can feel that the cost of the Bullet train is too high and not necessary for the India at this point of time, I think, the think tank team would have highlighted this to the higher ups including the PM.

    To me the Bullet Train, is more of a necessity to improve the relations between Japan and India in the ever changing landscape of geo-political alliances. This was to attract investments/trade and jobs to India.

    This issue would be raked up during elections. If you equate the cost of the bullet train to potential projects that can completed at a much basic level in India, then the impact would be stark. For instance, the cost of Government immunization program for 2017 was estimated at Rs 9451 crores when compared to the cost of bullet train project which is estimated at 1.1 lakh crore.

    It would be a step forward in the Indian image in science and technology sector. We launch satellites, we have indigenous weapons system, similarly the bullet train will boost India's perception by other countries.

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    Bullet trains are definitely a way forward in our railway achievements. But when there are many problems in railway department and without solving those problems going for a Bullet train is a change in priorities. There are many superfast trains in India. If you see the amenities they provide in these train are far behind the benchmark. Recently there were two incidents in which two rails travelled on the track without the driver. You imagine a similar incident with this bullet train what will be the damage. Can anyone imagine the situation happens to a bullet train?
    So PM can go ahead with the new railway line for bullet train but at the same, an action plan for the remaining trains to improve their running and safety issues. Otherwise one side safety issues and the other side developmental activities, people may have the opinion of the improper priorities.

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