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    What if we were Aliens and visited to Earth?

    My topic is what if we were Aliens! I mean instead of living on Earth, we would have lived in Moon or Mars or any other planet and visited to Earth. How we would have reacted or felt? What would be running in our mind and how we had planned to stay here? Here, I don't know how we would have looked a like by our face, it might be different look from the human. So, the main thing is to post creative and interesting write up. Purely from your own way of thinking.

    So member please write something unique. It would be really interesting to know different thoughts about this matter.
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    Take India and its states. We are divided by language and culture. Hence we are alien to each other. A Hindi speaking guy is an alien to south India. A Tamil is an alien to the northern states. Men from one country is alien to other country. The people look different with different colour, dress and costumes. The alien we see in film is the portrayal of an artist. No one has seen an alien. If at all there is an alien, he/she will be looking like the people living on earth only.
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    In the first place I want the author to understand that no topic posted or submitted is boring but this remains as a matter of interest & so we have the choice of reading the submissions & make our contributions too if we intend to have any.

    Now, coming to the imagination that we being an alien have visited this place called earth, then our exposure to the changing atmosphere would be of much concern. Other then earth, rest of the planets are coolest by its nature as the access of the rays of the sun is limited. So with this the adoption to the existing as well as to the changing atmosphere would be challenging one. We would required the special coating in our body so as to keep ourselves safe from cold & as the atmosphere of the earth remains changing which depends upon the seasons & the regions. This will lead to the through preparation & time along with good observation for a good span of time in order to better understand the climate & the living factors.

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    You are correct Ved Prakash, contents are boring or good is all depending on our liking. Thank you for pointing it out. I have no intention to offend anyone so I have edited the part. Let's chill with this topic.

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    If I were a alien , then I will not visit the earth for many reasons. As other planets are not having human being presence and the land is vast with many new things available there, how come I shall think of the earth which has less land, more water, varied climatic condition and above all cunning people with less helping nature. If I live in other eight planets, the life would be long and cherishing with no wrinkles in the face, no hungry and above all the mind will be peaceful and ever interested to discover new things. Surely Jupiter would have been the right choice to stay for ever than earth for me.
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    I would have been startled by seeing 7.6 billion people living on earth. The population density at places like Dhaka, Beijing, Mumbai and Kolkata etc. would have appeared to me like swarm of ants.

    Many things at earth would have appeared alien to me. Some of such things would have been pollution of all kinds, use of synthetic materials like plastics and prevelances of diseases like AIDS, TB and cancer etc.

    The fashionable designer clothes and obsession of people toward fashion would have certainly surprised me.

    Frequent occurrence of rapes even with infants and toddlers would have been the most astonishing and disturbing facts which would have certainly caused me to return back to my original abode.

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    I will say if really Aliens are there and they come here to see how we are living they go running to their original place of staying by seeing the selfish and unethical people on the land. So if I am a resident of other planet and I come for a visit here, definitely I will get terrified in no time and go back by the fastest way possible. Olden days people are innocent and they used to fear for many things and they never go for unethical activities. So aliens might have felt happy for coming here.
    The situation is changed. A man will never hesitate to kill another person if they think they will have some benefits. They ultimately calculate the profit they got for every action they have taken. So definitely I say no alien will think of staying here permanently if they see the status.

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    If I was an Alien, I would have had a chance to abduct a few astronauts from space and some people from the jumbo aircraft and then study the human behavior. Once I have a basic understanding of the humans and their daily life, I would first visit the Monasteries on the hills in the forests of China, Tibet etc, admire the simple life of the monk in an enchanted world.

    Then I would roam the forests of India and Africa for a visual treat of the majestic elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos etc. I would then zoom off the forests of Guatemala and South America to see the fantastic birds of paradise and admire these creations.

    I would then visit the various commonplaces of faith that are far away from the crowded sea of humans to enjoy the peace and spirituality. I would then climb the tall peaks of the world starting from Mt.Everest to enjoy the solitude and the tranquility around me at the top of these high peaks.

    Yes, as an alien, I would stay away from most of the places colonized by humans and enjoy what good Earth has to offer that man has forgotten.

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