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    Please have mercy on the lift

    This may seem a very trivial thing but I think it matters and we should take care as responsible citizens.

    Normally in multi-storeyed commercial complexes, there are more than one lifts side by side in the lift lobby. In apartments too it is normal to have two lifts for one block where one is a service lift.

    I have seen that in apartments or commercial complexes people who want to use the lift tend to press the buttons of all the lifts on the floor and whichever comes first they use it. They do this even if all the lifts are free and stationery at different floors. It is sufficient to call just one lift. They do so that the lift which is nearest to their floor will come earlier and they don't have to wait much.

    Instead, a good approach would be to see and think for few seconds as to which lift is nearest to your floor and then press the button for that lift only. But I think people are too busy even to see and think for few seconds and they simply call all the lifts.

    This leads to unnecessary wastage of electricity in calling all the lifts uselessly. It also creates additional wear and tear to lifts. There are other things also like leaving lift light and fan ON, impatiently pressing the inside lift close/open door buttons even if the door is going to close/open automatically in few seconds. People are in such a hurry!

    People should improve on these kinds of casual behavior when using lifts and take care of small things. Is it not our responsibility to rise above ourselves and think of these minor things which can save resources and money?
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    Instead in the coming times the technology is instilled with even far better idea. With this we only have two options while opting for the lift. So you can push for the upward button or the downward button at a time. And in between we are reserved with one corridor or one lift only.

    Suppose, we are in the first floor & need to go to the sixth floor. Here when we chose the upward button then on all the lifts available, only one will get automatically booked for this job & rest would remain not active. And while we are inside the lift we can choose the floor from the side panel. This is far better from the traditional technology in the way that this doesn't make all the traffic jam.

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    Very passionate appeal from the author which also coincides with my concern too. Most of the lifts in our area are old and can carry only 6 persons and wont even carry the luggage. But those who have vacated the apartment or moving in would use the lift as much as possible to shift the materials and things to the apartment. That will make the lift over loaded and lands it to the repair mode. And thus all the owners and tenants has to suffer without lift facilities for many days as the maintenance is not proper and the lift service persons wont respond that urgently. Thus this kind of problem is consistent in any city.
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    Though the number of lifts and escalators etc. are gradually increasing but still many first time users are added daily. Nowadays such systems are being installed at public places like railway stations etc. also. The children living in urban areas automatically get exposed to such systems but the people in rural areas and smaller towns generally remain uninitiated.

    I think that such basic things should be made a part of curriculum of primary and junior high schools and the children should be educated in such matters which may include topics like conservation of electricity and safe practices in operations of automated systems etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author has a valid point which he has seen practically happening.

    But now users are becoming more aware about the uses of modern facilities. So they are using it proper bettering everyday. In certain high rises I have seen that particular lifts are 'dedicated'. That is they will open only on certain floors like odd floors or even floors . Some lifts do not stop in the floors G to 5 etc. Many times, if the information notices are properly displayed in the local language and a common language, misuse gets reduced.

    In large commercial high-rises, there are people to guide the users . By seeing which lift comes first they will guide the permissible number of users to queue up in front of that lift. Residual people they may guide to another lift.

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    I do agree that there are old type lifts are found in some Apartments. The thing is the apartments contains mostly rented people so the decision cannot be taken immediately or at the earliest as the owners are to be met for taking decision. The association formed in the apartments are facing hectic in such situations as they could not take decisions for replacing the old lift with new modernized one or doing some modifications as the cost involved should be borne by the owners of the houses. I saw in one apartment they have ramp also in one side which helps the elderly people as well for lifting heavy items from either side.

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    A relevant thread about real issues. The suffering of the lift is very evident in many apartments and malls.

    In an apartment, etiquette while using the lifts is far from satisfactory. Going one floor up or down be it the tenants, maidservants or house-keeping most take the lift. Fans on is a common event, children playfull press many buttons of the floors above after they get off. Similarly, people press for the lift and then walk off.

    At many apartments, one a button is pressed, the integrated software decides which one will come down. Also, all the lifts will not go from ground to basement. even more annoying is people who hold the lifts until the household or the pets can come in the lifts.

    At least in apartments, responsible usage of the lifts would transform in lowering expense on annual maintenance contracts and upkeeping.

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    It is a good thought by the author. Wasting current is the order of the day. Throughout the day also we will see the lights glowing and nobody bothers to put it off when not required. Similarly, fans will be on only whether one is there or not. All such acts of carelessness resulting in electricity misuse and scarcity.
    Coming to the lifts it is true we will try to get the earliest possible lift so that we will not lose our time in minutes. In this process, no one will think about the electricity scarcity. These days there is no power shortage problem. The governments also not taking any power cuts even in Villages. So no one gives importance for that. The best way to avoid this problem is to have a common switch and when we press it, the fastest will respond and there will not be any power loss. Similarly, the fans and lights in the lifts will be provided with the auto cut facility so that it will off when the door is opened and it will on when the door is closed.

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