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    Why it is rare to have honest politicians?

    In a democracy the politicians rule the country and it is said that a few of them are only honest while others are hand in gloves with businessmen and suppliers.

    Though the honest ones try to do something for the public as well as the country but the corrupt ones preempt them by cheap tactics and misdeeds.

    It is really unfortunate that due to this everlasting tussle our development is hampered and we remain as a poor and backward country forever.

    What is your opinion on this?
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    Although in real life no one including us remains honest to the major portion but depending upon the certain criteria that we can declare few the honest to their profession.

    Like to be a good cook we need to get master in the chemistry of mixing the vegetables & the spices & this is possible when we are aware of the nature of those. So same is the case here too. A politician has to do anything to remain in power. And in order to remain continue on that he just use every trick which is nothing but the assembly of good & bad activities. He might not be interested in doing bad but he bound to do those. It's like "Everything is fare in love & war".

    That's their business.

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    Yes what the author said it right. We cannot find honest politicians as they are not allowed to continue with their good deeds. When Kejriwal came to power and posed a greater challenge to BJP , it was opined by all that third alternative has been found apart from Congress and BJP national parties. But over the time , AAP party proved to be like normal party and nothing impressive has been done by AAP so far. Therefore the author got the answer here. When Kejriwal was with Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi, he was sincere and trust worthy, then he became laughing stock step by step.
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    A politician has no individual existence. He becomes a politician through different social and political works and experience. During these sorts of involvements one gets involved with different types of people. Among them there will be some who are finding these works as a business. These days majority are such people. Their influence and dealings make a good and honest person also become crooked. Even if one is not directly involved others will make use of his name for mischief.
    In short it is the society which make one dishonest.

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    One of the reasons for the current Dry ATM crisis is said to be the doubled amount of withdrawals over a 10 day period. Some link this to the money taken indirectly to finally spend during the elections to buy the votes.

    Even if one wants to be honest in politics, he/she will be trampled down or forced to be party to the corruption and wrongdoings by others around them. Either go with the flow or get terminated. There are upright officials who have numerous transfers in the careers due to corrupt politicians. It is more down to the greed, obsession with money, power, making it a family venture and an attitude to take for granted the Indian public because the politicians have nothing much to lose.

    Like, I mentioned in my earlier thread, the people finally end up carrying the burden of dishonest politicians and corrupt officials. I felt happy when I watched a forwarded video clip of the Mr.Duterte, President of Philippines overseeing destruction of smuggled popular cars in the fight against corruption.

    We need to bring back the culture of acceptable honesty in politics and governmental organizations. This by itself improve the country in many ways.

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    Nowadays, a successful politician can never be a honest person. Gone are days when there were political luminaries like Lal Bahadur Shastri. Even Mahatma Gandhi used to avail hospitality of industrialists like Birlas by staying in their guest houses. Perhaps because of Birla's support to the congress party, only ambassador cars were permitted to be purchased by the government offices.

    A politician has to influence many people belonging to various castes, creeds and such other groups and subgroups of the society each of which have different set of requirements. Therefore the politicians has to tell lies to woo each of such groups and subgroups to get votes.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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