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    Why we wait for the penultimate day or time to initiate work and prove we had taken action ?

    I have seen many people in my life that they indulge in taking necessary action on a issue or the task just before the penultimate day or the time and some times miss the essence of core issue and then repent for not initiating the thing properly. Suppose when a distance travel for a function or program has been organised, we must make arrangement before hand and for that a detailed check list has to be maintained and see that all the actions and items are in place before hand and wont make ourselves inconvenient at the last minute and search for things as the time gets run out.
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    Yes, the point raised by the author is very important and therefore we discuss also this topic from time to time in this forum.

    The tendency of people to keep the things postponing till last hour is called procrastination also.

    Payment of electricity and telephone bills, submission of income returns, payment of insurance premiums etc. are some of the typical examples which people keep on postponing till last date. Many people even don't pay their house tax or property tax because of this tendency.

    People keep on postponing preventive medical check-ups and visit a doctor only when it becomes unavoidable. Similarly they keep on postponing social visits to the relatives.

    Thus it can be said that procrastination is one of common human weaknesses.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, the author is correct. Many people doing like this as they are so smart in their workings. They found very calculative in all matters but in the last minute if it got collapsed they will get upset. Instead why do not they plan well in advance. Needless to say many people do pay their electricity bills or telephone Bills etc., particularly by waiting till the last date as if they save money's flotation. If they do pay all such dues on buying a loan etc., they can wait so to avoid interest but in general cases if the last date or their paying date got involved in any problem the levy of penalty etc., will arise as if they have not paid in time. To avoid such things they should not wait till last day or time for anything. In somebody's case they do not arrange themselves for a journey and in the last minute they forget to take tickets, enough cash, id card, etc.,.

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    Yes. It is always good to plan and complete the works as early as possible so that we will have sufficient time for understanding the work done by us properly and any corrections required can be done.
    But in offices and establishments, some people always keep the things pending to show that they are busy and at the last minute they will put the others at a risk. Such people will always make fun of people who complete their works well before the time to avoid last minute rush. They will also try to say that the other people who complete the work on time are not having sufficient work pressure or load.
    But as far as I am concerned I will plan everything and try to complete at the earliest possible time so that we will have sufficient time to review and do any corrections if required.

    always confident

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    It's not by intention at most of the times, it is just a way of life for many. It can range from the simple searching for the clothes in the morning to searching for the passport/ticket before leaving home or filling up a form just on the last of submission.

    Most of us know the importance of time but confuse between things that are important and how to prioritize the tasks. We need to have a discipline about how to identify tasks and work that is important, urgent and exigent. Once we know this, we have to delegate adequate time for each of the tasks.

    For instance, if someone is staying in Bangalore as has to travel to the airport from the city center, they will give at least 2 hours for the journey just to reach the airport, not the check-in time.

    Similarly, there are deadlines for tax returns, for bills, for fees to be paid, for insurance etc. One should not forget the timeline at the offices where jobs have to be completed keeping in mind the value of time for the clients and the company.

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    It is a general tendency with many to postpone anything as far as possible.
    The reasons can be different . It may be of overconfidence on one's own capacity and ability and feeling the task as very light; or they may be feeling that they cannot complete the task as it is beyond their capacity; it may be to avoid the task if at all possible and let any other take up that; it may be that one expects there will be some change regarding the implementation or character of the task; it may be that the task is non-remunerative, repetitive and so not interested.

    There can be many such reasons depending on what task is to be done.

    But those who are meticulous in their planning and implementation and do not want the last minute hurry-burry and tension plan well and finish everything well before deadline, so that they can relax ad be free of tension.

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