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    The more our PM Modi is abused, the more he becomes stronger

    On being asked about secret of stamina PM Modi said for the past 20 years he has been eating abuses from various people and parties and that made him strong. In fact this question was asked by a person in UK during the program Bharath ki Baath, Sab ke Saath, when he said that 'Pichle 20 saal se main daily 1kg-2kg gaali (abuses) khaata hu.", That was really moving response from the PM and it is the fact that ever since he continued to excel as Gujarat CM and now progressing as the PM of India, Modi has been systematically maligned by leaders and parties for various reasons to which he is not the person to be targeted. Do you agree ?
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    Every politician and political party will tell their own stories to project themselves to be at top position. In reality it may not be true. In my opinion Mr.Modi and BJP has not that much craze and popularity as in 2014. The reason for that is that most of the tall promises they made were not at all fulfilled. So their popularity has drastically cut down after four years. If this party make new promises also people dont believe.

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    The position of the Prime Minister of India is a very high position. I think, given a chance, anybody will be ready to barter that position happily in exchange of adverse and even abusive criticism. Also occupying that position gives sufficient stamina to work for longer hours and sleep only for few hours. I think barring H. D. Deve Gowda who was often seen catching a nap even in the parliament, all other Prime Ministers worked very hard.

    There are few qualities in Narendra Modi which make him distinct e.g. he is not corrupt personally as Dr. Manmohan Singh was but unlike him by virtue of having a clear majority in the parliament, he is not under pressure to let his coalition partners indulge in scams like 2G or 3G etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I fully support Mr K Mohan. What Mr Modi feels for India that the country might get benefited by taking certain steps, he does not care for his own party or narrow interest and takes those steps drastically unlike other politicians who only care for their own party 's interest and own family and kith & kin's interest. He is bold and strong enough to give good lessons to China & Pakistan who have been a constant headache for India. For nothing they disturb India and our Jawans have to be victimized and shed life by their terrorist activities. I have never seen any advanced (so called) chief minister to utter a sentence of condolences for those Jawans who shed life for the cause of the country. Funds should be raised all over India for those Jawans for the sustenance of their families. PM Mr Modi has made it clear to both Pakistan and its supporter China that no stone will be left unreturned, if they do anything unjustified against India. I salute Mr Modi for his bold foreign policy. As a prime minister he is maximum criticized. Because ours is a democratic country. And we all respect in freedom of expression.

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    Although & whenever we speak of a politician we get the image of a bad person. But when we think of our current PM then the same image becomes different. What he replied against a query could well play a statement of motivation & inspiration for others. This remains the case with each one us that as we are growing we tend to get criticized most even from the closer ones.

    I don't believe few of the authors above that they perhaps unintentionally, got distracted for the subjected matter. Perhaps the main thread should revolved around the statement & not the political way of the promises as this never got fulfilled from any of the past governments. But at least the current government has the potential to go the extra miles for bold decisions that remained pending for long for political reasons.

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    Mr Modi is known for his ethical practices in politics. So far he has never involved himself in any type of corruption. He is a corruption free man. So he is a nightmare for many politicians we always involve in corrupt practices. They never like them because he is trying to create hurdles for the people who are involved in corruption. He may be involved in some controversies but they are never about corruption. As such he may have to face many enemies who always try to criticize him for one or the other reason. But his attitude is not to worry about those issues and try to go on implementing his own schemes. An oddman out of the present day times.
    always confident

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    Many secularists, journalists,economists and writers are against P.M. Modi. He promised us a lot but fulfilled almost nothing. I think he is a man of words, not deeds. I am not against demonetization of currency notes but the way he did it really made the life of many Indian's miserable. There are many foolish moves he made. He is not using brain when he signs treaties with other countries. How can he keep friendship with Israel, the country which kills thousands of innocents? Murders, rapes and other crimes are increasing against the minority. Our leaders were trying to study the villages in India while he is creating records by visiting other countries. After he became the P.M of India his party became rich economically and how?

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    Being the Prime minister of India comes with a huge responsibility. Anything that goes wrong or not happens as expected, then fingers are pointed at the PM. It's not easy to run the affairs of the country, devote time to the critical events, focus on issues within and outside the country and ensure the growth of the country.

    All the other parties find the PM easy target to vent their anger and dissatisfaction. So, it's no surprise that PM gets abuses all around. But, this is what that comes with the job. It's a tough balancing act to be a role model, to toe the party line, to fulfill the aspirations of the alliance partners etc. So, I guess rather than stronger, one gets used to it.

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