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    Which is ideal - winning at Home or victory outside?

    Many a times, we get applause and praise from outside corner rather than from our inner circles. And it is a quite common phenomenon for politicians to win the hearts of the people other than their own land. A Chief Minister of a state gets more criticism from his own people while the people from other states find a dynamic ruler in him. While it goes without saying the National leaders would be more appreciated by the non-residents or the people of the foreign land than the people of his own country. What could be the reason? which one is ideal?

    There is a saying - 'Victory should start from Home and not vice-versa'. But in reality it proves other way round. Or, can we say the curry prepared by the neighbor is always tasty?
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    For many winning at home is very difficult as they are being chased, teased and even abused for many reasons beyond their control and thus their performance graph bound to affect. Even if good things are done, because of one setback or demerit , the person would be always trolled and heaped all sorts of abuse. Whereas all these inner bickering are not known to the out side people and they see the broad view of the person and presume that he is better than the previous one and thus heap praises. So getting praise from outside is important and that is considered more screed in our country than getting applause from inside the country.
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    There is a popular Hindi proverb - 'dur ke dhol suhavane lagte hain' which roughly translates in English as 'drums sound better at a distance'.

    It's English equivalent proverb is 'the grass is always greener on the other side' which means that 'we tend to like the things we don't have'.

    Thus we can see that the realities are known only to the people at home. The outside people generally have only the rosy picture.

    Our worst critiques are the persons who love as most as their expectations are always higher than the others and being closest they know our weaknesses as well as strengths.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Winning in outside found easy because the particularity and considering other situations are not arise. I do think many times that we are being a pleasing personality and others also similar but in house only we are different. I myself found the solution also. In outside we do not touch the personal side and all our talking are about general subject or about others and we do not care about the continuity as everything terminated shortly. In house our expectation is different as we need perfection and we do worry about inmates in respect of their future life, we advise our wife about our culture and ethics which may not liked by her, we stress our children not to do this and that as they may spoil their future or study but this is not liked by them. So our role is like that. But we can also good and ideal winning in both places if the others are understanding us well.

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    In Indian politics, predicting the future scenario is all the way different. Nothing much more uncertain like the political party in power. We got very few examples wherein a political party has batted for long or else we always have a change after every election.

    As for every election, although performance matters but still the perception can easily be changed of the common people which may result in overall image of the candidate or the politician. So for me & to be on safer side the politician keep on trying the other areas as well. The chances are also that they are in effort of increasing there share in the other areas too. As having too many alliances will result into more seats which will lead them to grab the power or having impact while decision making.

    These are all political games which attract any actions for more self benefits.

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    Depends on the context, for instance in cricket, victory overseas is more respected than a series win on home soil. Similarly, a bronze medal at an international meet is more worthy than a silver in the national meet. In domestic affairs, for a daughter in law, winning the heart of the in-laws and being praised by them is more valuable than praises by her own parents.

    When it comes to politics, I think, the NRIs, foreign dignitaries or the people from other countries are not so tuned into our day to day happenings, hence they would feel different when they see our leaders. In comparison, we hear day in and day out about our country, the leaders, the performance and have a realistic assessment of our leaders, the parties etc.

    For us, America looks good but for the Americans, they would be more familiar with the real issues of gun crimes, tobacco and arms cartel, drug issues etc. So, in politics and the perception of our leaders, they should first win over at home turf and then overseas.

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    There is a saying in Telugu, the meaning of which is first win the hearts in the house and then try outside. It is very difficult for people to get the appreciation from inner circles than the others.
    Our Former PM P V N Rao lost the election from his own district Waramgal but won the Elections from Màharastra once. He was out impressive as CM of AP and could not survive full time. But he got recognition all .over the world as PM of our country
    He is the best suited for this saying.

    always confident

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