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    Will only two political party system as in the case of USA, be successful in India?

    In the United States of America, only two political parties namely the Democratic Party and the Republican Party dominate at national level though there are other political parties also e.g. Libertarian Party, which operate in US and from time to time elect someone to a local office.

    In India, on the other hand, there are total 1841 political parties out of which 7 are national parties, 49 are recognised state parties and 1785 are unrecognised parties. Such a scenario often results in fractured mandate. More often than not, many political parties win a few or many parliamentary seats generally making it difficult for a single political party to get a clear majority to form a stable government.

    What may be the advantages and disadvantages of having a two political party system in India?

    Will only two political party system as in the case of USA, be successful in India?
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    If we take a note then most of the political parties are localized. By localized, we mean any political parties based on a very small level who don't contest for state elections. These type of political parties are more in numbers in comparison to the nationalistic parties. The biggest disadvantage of having these parties is that they keep on distracting with the local issue. Although their existing is crucial for local issues but being localized they busy in their limited thinking like the upper caste & the lower caste & many others smaller divisions which is not good for the overall growth & development.

    This has been the case in our country so far which keeps on distracting the future prospectus. So the less the political parties the better the management.

    Its a good concept & is possible but our social strata is so many that this will not allow in the short run.

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    While I do appreciate the two party system as prevalent in US and also it must be put into practice in India, but for obvious reasons it may not be possible to put into practice as of now. Because we have the power of some regional parties who are vexed with central government attitdue during respective party government and hence they became very strong in their own states. For example regional parties like JDU, BSP, TDP, TRS, AIADMK and DMK to name the few has been casting their spell by good performance and thus always threaten the so called biggest national parties like Congress and BJP to challenge them and even go for forming third front. In that melee even the BJP and Congress are forced to have truck with them and jointly fight the polls, Thus for the first time BJP and TDP combine could get power in AP. Therefore unless and until regional parties are routed out we cannot think of two party system in India.
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