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    While giving assembly tickets what criteria are the political parties following and why the dissent

    We all know that in every village, town and city and district, each party has scores of leaders and the seats at the most for a Parliament constituency consists of 8 MLA tickets. But the aspirants to grab the ticket are more. Some may be lobbying in Delhi from two years prior to elections, and some leaders even promise to fund the party before he or she getting the probable ticket. Nevertheless for each assembly ticket there would more aspirants and how the parties are weighing the candidates. Is it their popularity, sure to win the seat criteria or money in bank criteria ?
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    The first and foremost criteria of political parties for giving a ticket to any candidate is their winnabiliy i.e. their chances to win the seat. However, it becomes rather difficult to decide as often more than one candidate claim that they will win surely.

    Money plays a crucial role in winning an election. Therefore the wealthy candidates lobby for a ticket. Similarly, candidates with criminal background also put their claim.

    Getting a ticket itself elevates the stature of the candidate to such an extent that it enables them to exhort money from the local businessmen and save sufficient money even if they lose in the election.

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    What I heard that those candidate who donate to the party first would be considered for the ticket ?
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    It's the whosoever personality that can lead to the victory of the party will get the benefit. This remains the only thing that keep motivating the parties to negotiate with the candidates. So we see that the candidates keep on changing the party from time to time that during one election a candidate fights for a party but in next election on different party's payroll.

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    Right now in Karnataka, there are candidates rebelling, fighting with the high command or threatening to leave the party for not getting a ticket. The dissent for not getting the coveted chance is so bad that people are resorting to violence, roadblocks and destruction of property, apart from crying. The basic criteria apart from money is the popularity of the candidate in the area and his/her chances of securing a win. Apart from this, caste, gender, influence, previous record all matter. Right now, party turncoats or migratory members from other parties are considered for nominations. What's more ironic is the selection of the candidate is being influenced by the nature of the opposite party candidate standing in the same constituency. In Karnataka, constituencies with predominantly people from a particular sub-caste find their own representatives hot in contention for the ticket.

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    I think there are no criteria for giving assembly tickets for a candidate.They only need to win the seat by any means. They see the voters and accordingly give assembly tickets to the candidate. Sometimes caste, religion, the effect of the candidate are considered to give the ticket to the candidate.
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    In a party, the important point to be noticed before giving the ticket is how much support the candidate will get from him from other party leaders and how many of them will accept his candidature and follow actively in the campaign. If they don't campaign for the party candidate, it will become difficult for the candidate to win. So they will try to choose a candidate who can bring all the party cadre to one way by spending money and doing favours to them. Money power comes into the picture. A very good candidate also may not get a ticket if he is not having the money to spend or power to attract people.
    During the first time election of TDP in AP, the candidates were all new and they were not very well known in the political circles. But they all contested and won due to the clout of NTR and opposition towards Indira Gandhi.

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