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    Do our comments really enhance the status of a article or even without comments it can survive ?

    Every author has the lasting eagerness to create good article, submit the same and wait for right and even scathing comments and of course with suggestions and tips for improvement. But some articles would be informative and we cannot append any response for that. Nevertheless authors would love to have comments on every article they write. If we give comments, will it enhance the pride and status of the article, or the article can survive on their own if it was created with good heading and contents for the net users ?
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    An article can/should survive on its own. Most articles would have be read by members or guests. Writing comments are a way of expressing ourselves that yes, we have read the article, we found these points useful, we can add more etc.

    The problem comes with articles that are regarding exams, applications and information regarding a place or an event. Writing comments for these articles are not easy apart form saying 'Nice article, I thank the author etc'.

    The article section is also reviewed very systematically, if a reply is just yes,yes then we might lose points, if we really understand the article and comment in a relevant manner that adds more information in a manner that enriches the article further, then it's bound to get some cash credits with or without a reduction in points.

    I like to comment on articles because, I read for my own knowledge and then recollect the previous facts related to the article, I sometimes check the websites, and specific points and then comment.

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    I think an article can survive its own. But the comments of the readers really encourage the author to write more qualitative articles. An article gets its rank through SEO by good heading, good summary and content in the article. I have observed that the articles of ISC always get higher rank in search engine. I do not know more about SEO but I think our webmaster really work hard to get the site to the higher rank.
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    The article should survive on its own. When an author publishes a book it has to survive on its own. But the reviews and remarks on the book by some important people will bring value to the book and it gives more readership. Same is the case with the articles on this site also. Actually, our ISC remarks written about the article are not remarks. They are valuable additions to the subject which makes the other readers get the advantage of additional information by going through the article and then through the remarks. In fact, I remember in the posting guidelines it was written that we need not write about the quality of the article in the sense this a good article and the other has written it will like this. The remarks should give additional information which is not covered in the article by the author. But if we see the remarks should actually admire the capabilities of the author and if there are any shortfalls they will also to be mentioned.
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