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    What If The Aadhar Details got hacked or hijacked?

    Do you feel that this is possible to go into the database & stole the demographic identities & also at the same time can misuse for their own ways?

    We have often heard of the term "Hacking", and is understood as an unauthorized access to or control over computer network security systems or to the database for some illicit purposes. We have incidences wherein the official sites are intruded in the past. At a time when an increasing number of Indians are going digital and doing transactions online, these hacking incidents expose the country's cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

    Few times back we had the news that during April 2015, the army's Principal Comptroller of Defence Accounts Officers (PCDAO) website was reportedly hacked having personal and financial information of army personnel. In another incidence, Indian Space Research Organization's marketing arm Antrix saw its website hacked in July 2015 wherein the users were redirected to a buying portal while trying to access the website. Later on, there was a 404 error on the web page. No organization or hacker took responsibility but Chinese hackers were.

    Likewise we can list our many more incidences.

    While as per the Indian official, the Aadhar data is totally secure from hacking and can only be accessed by bribing an official, makes itself left with the possibilities of intrusions. In the latest, the CBSE papers were leaked & the culprits were found to be one of the members themselves.

    So what if the Aadhar data are accessed & misinterpreted the information therein?
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    For that matter every matter appearing on the internet are vulnerable to hacking and hijacking. In fact I would be wondering the bank details of every customers which are purely concealed with so called pass word of the counter clerk. Just imagine all those details are gone to wrong doers ? We cannot do anything as every details has been appended in the Aadhaar card and our personal details are very much there in every listing of Aadhaar, So we are at loss if the details are got revealed through hacking and there is no definite idea with the government to stop such activities.
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    The risk is always there and the Indian environment nothing is impossible. So there is always a risk factor is involved when our information is there are on the internet. You are thinking and talking about Aadhaar but what about mobile Apps. We have many mobile apps on the smartphones. Whenever you install an App it asks your permission for accessing all the details on your phone. Even without thinking for a single minute we will say Ok. Is it not risky? So why this point is not discussed. ThisApp we are downloading on our own because of our interest. But Aadhaar is being asked by the government. This is the main difference. The government has to take maximum possible protections and precautions to avoided hacking and stealing the data of the people by unwanted agencies so that their information will be secure and there will not be any threat afterwards.
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