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    Can the editors verify the points tally please?

    Dear Editors,
    Since this morning, I have replied 4 ask the experts questions, 1 forum threads, 1 resource response all for 5 each. This should come to 30 points plus 1 point for the congratulation message for the SOM award thread.

    Instead of showing 31, today's total shows only 26. Only one AE reply has been reviewed by the editors and awarded 5cc so, no deductions.

    Is it just an error or will it update later by the end of the day.
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    Today's responses from me, 4 AE, 1 forum thread, 1 resource response all for 5 points each. SOM thread with one point

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    Mr Natarajan as I am seeing your total points of today is 31. You can also check this points by visiting this link .
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