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    What is 'points'? Who and what is deciding the points for a post?

    I am Nasrudheen, a new member of this site.I am from Kerala studying in class 11. I am getting to know about ISC. I have a doubt. What is 'points'? Who and what is deciding the points for a post?
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    Welcome to ISC the best education site. As a new member of ISC, I will suggest you read post content to know this site. If you have any query you can find the answer at help topics .
    The points are given when a member share any post on ISC. According to points members have the different category of bronze, silver, gold, diamond and platinum. Points are generally decided by computer and are reconsidered by editors of that section. In the resource, section points are provided by the editor as per the quality of your article.

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    Welcome Nasrudheen, points are what we get for contributing in the various sections of the ISC.
    For instance, if you visit the forum and generate a thread of your own, you get normally 5 points ( can be less if the content is less and more if the content is very good). If you reply to a forum thread you can score up to 5 points.

    In ask the experts section, if you ask a specific question, you get 3 points, if you answer to an existing question you can get anywhere from 2-15 points along with cash credits Rs2-Rs15 (commonly we get 3-6). In the article section, based on the quality of your article you can get anywhere from 25-100 points.

    Generally, the points are given not form the number of words but for the quality of the content. The cumulative points at the end of the day, 7 days, 30day etc can be found if you click on more icon on the right side just below my points heading.

    These points are given automatically in the forum, articles and AE points are given by the editors. These points are important to move up from bronze, silver, gold, diamond and platinum levels. The top 20 people every month can get revenue sharing bonus too.

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    Welcome to this excellent space to showcase your skills in writing and improving your knowledge base. The questions you have put shows your inquisitiveness to know the details about this site.
    The points are like marks given to your creation or your response on this site. In forum section as soon as post something based on the programming done on the site some points will be awarded. Later on, one of the masters of the site will go through your post and take necessary changes if required and if they feel that it deserves some Cash Credits they will give that also. Based on your score your member level and Revenue share bonus on monthly basis will be decided.
    I advise you to go through the help topics so that you will have a full understanding of the site and you can do the work on the site as per your interest.

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    Warm welcome to this site and regarding your clarification on the points being awarded in this site for every member for their every post, please note that the points are indicators of your performance graph in this site. You can earn points by posting a thread in the forum, by responding to so many posts that are appearing in this forum, like wise you can earn points by raising and responding in ask experts sections. But you will certainly earn more points equivalent to money for a good article created and appended in our article section. Some times good self written articles with attractive heading, nice summary and very good body content can earn you 100 points and 100 rupees per article. You can also earn points by writing reviews for the articles already published by others. Thus one starts accumulating points, which determines your position and the ranks are awarded to each member on their net points thus earned.
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    Welcome to ISC. The other members have already elaborated on the methodology by which points are accumulated in your account and you move up the ladder.

    I will like to add that ISC is basically a creative portal with thrust on educational matters. There are many sections where you can contribute. The quality of your writing and the content value will get you score significantly and accordingly the editors will give you cash credits time to time.

    Do not be in haste and gradually improve your English as well as post good contents here and you will definitely be awarded in time. Please remember it is a place to learn and in that process, you can earn some revenue also.

    Refrain from copying, learn how to reproduce, how to concise and how to expand and you will be there shining as a star on the canvass of ISC.

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    The points earned in ISC are different that points we accumulate on using a credit/debit card in the sense that ISC points are not redeemable. Instead, ISC points are used for determining 'member rank' and 'member level' as explained by fellow authors above.

    As far earning is concerned, cash credits are awarded separately by the editors. There is no automated system of award of cash credits and there is no direct relation also between the two e.g. by contributing only in forum section, one may accumulate several thousands points but no cash credit.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The points & the bucks for the post are decided on the basis of your submissions. Overall the quality of the matter with an addition of well & understood briefings to the readers decides the performance of the submission. This performance will decide the points to be allocated & the bucks are shared. We need to be having patience with an attitude of consistent improvement.

    There are other platforms which I haven't gone through but found useful so far.

    Anyhow, welcome to the desk.

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