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    Which National party of lndia represent all section of people in its party-Congress or BJP?

    India is a multifarious country represented by people of various religions, castes, communities, rich and poor. There is a lot of diversity among life styles of these people of this country. Similarly any political party of national stature should of equal representation of all these different sections of these people. Congress as one national party which has the due represention of all the different sections of this people at all its party level. But when we see BJP in some states it has no representation of certain religions or sections of people in its party base. This party mainly involve Hindutva based RSS or VHP or Hindu sentimented religious people. Do you think in long run without involving other sections of people in its party functioning can BJP win the hearts of other section people? Do you think this type of policy followed by BJP is good for the welfare of India?
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    Why the matter of forming a third front always strikes in the mind of some regional parties because, the so called National parties like BJP and Congress are not giving enough push and accommodating all the people belonging to different caste and region and hence the dissent voice erupts and that leaves to the leaders switching to regional parties and then survive. National parties have their own way of gauging the victory prospects of the candidates and their way of selecting the few from predominantly popular cast in the area really baffles every one and thus many revolt against the decision of the high command. By the way everyone cannot be given ticket for the election. But national parties should evolve a principle that new entrants to politics should also be given chance and the stalwarts must be availed for the party to advise and guide the young ones.
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    Whether importance is given equally to all castes, religions, so on and so forth is not important for a party. But seeing that the development will take place across the society so that all communities, religions and castes will develop equally, is the important factor for a party. So that way BJP stands ahead of Congress. Actually, in the society, the people are mingled very nicely with each other and they share all joys together and their caste or religion is a factor in the people. Actually, this difference in the society is created by some selfish political parties and making merry by encashing the weakness in the form of votes. So I feel the policy followed by BJP is equally good or bad as that of the Congress party. Creating differences between the people in the guise of their caste and religion is the game of many political parties and as responsible citizens of India, we should not encourage.
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