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    Who will and How to fund care and health of senior citizens?

    As the Indian population is growing, the life expectancy improving, India will have an increasing percentage of senior citizens or elderly people.

    Cost of living, transport have increased, this coupled with the lower purchasing power of the rupee and the reducing interest rates, elderly people find themselves up against difficulties. The cost of medicines, hospitalization and medical care of elderly is beyond the reach of the common man.

    At the family level, discussions of varying nature happen among children about how and who will take care of the elderly parents. Some may find this a little insensitive, but it is a daily issue when you read the papers or watch the news channels. Not all will be wealthy or have retirement savings or health plans like CGHS etc that are a lifesaver for these vulnerable people.

    So, it is a real challenge at the family level how to fund the care and health expense of the elderly who instead of enjoying their remaining years, often have to be at the center of embarrassing discussions about the cost of looking after them.
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    If the senior citizen happens to be a retired person from central government, they are surely guarded by the CGHS health scheme and that would ensure five star health care for the seniors till their death and also extends to their better half. But the situation for others is really questionable and thinkable. If the seniors are not protected by health Insurance, the middle class families with elders cannot even think of providing ordinary medical attention leave alone attending to big ailments in corporate hospitals. That is why many elders are left to the mercy of old age homes who take care of the seniors with their health care needs. But again leaving the seniors at old age homes is not liked nor recommended by many. The best way is to insure and ensure the seniors with comprehensive health card and see that all the ailments are covered and health issues are attended without any problems.
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    These days senior citizens are increasing in number as the life expectancy of the human being increased these days. Many of the senior citizen's children will be working in a private or a public Organisation where this mediclaim and medical insurance are being provided even to the family members who are dependent on the employee but the total amount will be decided based on the rank of the employee. Under this majority of senior citizens also are covered by medical insurance. Recently the central government and state governments are introducing in a big way various medical facilities free of cost. This will be an added advantage. I don't see any problem regarding the funding. But the problem comes with the care to be taken by the people during these years in one's life. This is becoming a real problem. There are people who can send you the finance but personally coming and taking care of them is a very difficult point these days. In cities like Hyderabad, some Organisations are coming who will provide care by human beings for the needy people against a cost. This cost is on the higher side and many people may not be able to pay that much amount continuously for longer times. So the daughters and sons of these old people should make a roaster and attend accordingly so that these old people will never feel that they are unwanted on this earth.
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