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    What happens when you log out of Social Media and turn off your TV?

    Today, I came across a post in Facebook. It says,
    "Log out of Social Media,
    Switch off your TV,
    Go out with your family and see
    India is peaceful,
    India is tolerant,
    India is processing,
    India is beautiful!"

    Yes, when I do so, I may see all the above. I may believe everything around me is normal, People around me are happy and may even think media is just exaggerating the things. But what will really happen, if we stay away from media? Who will give us the reason for the water scarcity? who will give us the awareness on food adulteration? Who will tell us the problems being faced by farmers? Who will tell us the health problems being faced by Thoothukudi people because of Sterlite copper industry? Who will tell us the inhumanity happened to Asifa?

    Is it okay to be unaware of all these things? Though traditional mass media like TV and newspapers hide many important news, social media helps a lot in bringing out the real facts on every problem. Media has the responsibility to provide reliable news. Still, people should be conscious enough to understand the news, analyse the facts and judge what is right.

    Right now in India, especially in Tamilnadu from the time of Chennai and Cuddalore flood in 2015, people realized the power of "by the people and for the people". Such unity is constructed through Social media. So, people who want people to be ignorant may promote such posts. I strongly recommend people to stay connected to social media and be aware of whats happening around you. Importantly, share things that are trustworthy.
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    Just take the example that after reading this post right now If I happen to log out and go out of the house and meet the morning walkers to have the rejig of what has happened overnight, the same topics are discussed there also. Moreover most of the people are either busy in listening some FM songs on the head phones and walking or some one is listening to the religious discourses which were recorded earlier and listened now. So what I mean to say, even if we want to discard the social media and tv for a while, others are not that free to discuss issues of personal importance and thus we are forced to go back to the social media and tv and see the routine stuff.
    K Mohan
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    Back after a very long time..!!!

    My point is when you log out of social media, it doesn't just end there or shouldn't be.

    From the very same example of Srimathi, during the recent floods/cyclone in tamilnadu, especially in chennai people were not able to connect to internet. But they HAD to connect to other people.

    The same social media viewed numerous incidents after the cyclone, stating that people realized the effect of spending quality time with family, friends, neighbours and others. This was due to the fact that we were bound to communicate within each other and mainly without social media.

    That gave a lot of positive thoughts in everyone's mind to mingle with people not just online and even without social media, which was possible.

    When i said it doesn't or shouldn't end there, I mean we still need to interact with fellow human beings just like we have been in our childhood.

    I personally dont use facebook, twitter, instagram etc. But am still connected to people ;)


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    It is really a nice thread and we should think about it. Social media has increased unauthentic news which spread fake news. Due to this fake news, the people annoyed and it makes unhealthy environment. When we close all this these social media we feel better. During the get up in the morning to sleep in the night we meet a lot of persons. But we never think who is Hindu, who is Muslim, etc. On ISC we share our opinion in the different thread but never think whether this thread is of Hindu or Muslim. The people on social media should understand their responsibilities and should understand their role otherwise the future generation will never forgive them.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Very Well said by Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala. I am in agreement with him 100%. In general public, there is no difference of opinions about their own religion and caste. We all behave as equals. We never each other about our caste or creed. I don't know the caste of my neighbour. But I know him. We never quarrel with each other. We discuss many points but the point of caste will never come in our discussion. I feel the same is the case with all members. So I feel it is always better to have contacts in person rather than on virtual media. They go for newspaper and personal discussion. But some channels and these social media is unnecessarily doing a lot of harm by creating differences with the names of caste and religion. So I feel we should not go to these social media and TV channels which are never suggestible.
    always confident

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    As many of the media including televisions are giving same news again again many of us got tired we cannot blame them also as they feed the news repeatedly for those missed to watch earlier. Moreover all current news are surrounding of rape,crime,swindling even by educated and no action against the criminal though caught red handed. In recent tv serials we can gain the story next day or week if we missed to watch, similar to that our 'current' news also. So,if we away from our home state or country we will lost nothing.

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    Truly it happened to me a few days ago. I had been to Jagadalpur in Chattisgarh on work. The duty point was located in a forest region where I couldn't get proper signals and my Mobile was in switch off mode. TV was not working in the Guest House.

    It appeared life was so beautiful to me by enjoying the nature and no chance to deviate to look at the entertainment world in TV or turning on the Mobile data to know the proceedings in ISC etc. Likewise spent two days there and whenever I got the opportunity I tried to speak to my family members.Had it continued like that even for another two days, may be I would have gone mad too!


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    Agree with the author & to the fact that very well said.

    The news around us are so negative that we began to feel insecure of the growing scenarios. Even when we are to ourselves then we are just keep on criticizing the incidences & the people around us. The matter of the fact is that we even would like to take on someone who is not related to us in either way.

    Another thing is that we just not get informed of the good things being taking place in either places. If we intend to listen to the good things then we automatically switched ourselves to that part but is not happening. This is a sad part. It's like what we listened to then we slowly making ourselves onto that.

    I appreciate for the words chosen here. Thanks to the author.

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    Short and Sweet.

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    True that people have all possible ways to stay connected without social media, which is very important too. My point is not about the social connectivity, but about the awareness on what happens across the world.

    "I strongly recommend people to stay connected to social media and be aware of whats happening around you."

    I want people to be connected to social media, not just to be connected THROUGH social media. I can even say media in general, but traditional mass media like TV hides many important news and favors many political parties. So, I recommend to social media. Since the users of internet are keep increasing, I think that it is possible too.

    I agree to the fact that people in Chennai lost their internet connectivity and helped among themselves at the time of flood. It happens in all kind of natural disasters. Still, people from other parts of country got to know the sufferings of this people through media only and also many came forward in raising funds for the people affected.

    Sri Vetri
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    @ Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala True that there are infinite number of fake news in social media. Not everyone has time to search for its reliability. But what is the other source of media we can choose to know the news across the world? Else. is it okay to be unaware of what is happening around the world?

    @Ramachandran Yes the news channels repeats the same things again and again, of course, it is too boring and irritating to keep watching. Especially, when they keep describing the brutal things happens to innocent people. Obviously we need to ignore those repetition. "if we away from our home state or country we will lost nothing." This is the thing I too meant to say, Media tells us whats is happening in our place or to our people and we should not simply ignore it.

    @Ved You are right, Media talks about the good things that are happening too, but we don't talk and share about it much.

    Sri Vetri
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    It is good to visit social media sites and see TV but when it becomes repetitive and monotonous it starts boring. So the only solution that appears to me is let us use social media as a tool to propagate good ideas but should not fall addict to it.

    There are people who are wasting their time in social media with their robotic presence there. They are either creating fake news or simply helping in spreading it. Do we call it creativity?

    Using these mediums for a purpose will be very freshening in our life but passing our time mindlessly there is the gravest mistake we or the new generation is doing.

    The author has rightly mentioned that we feel fresh when we discontinue the long sessions there.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Srimathi @ Firstly, I am bowled over by the topic you chose. However, I want to stress on the point that not everything that circulates on social media is true. Be it a TV, social website, radio etc irrespective of the platform, most of them are projecting news from their perception instead of going through the facts. As there is no proper filter and validation, often the intention is diverted . It is sad to say this is a bad era for journalism where all they care about is TRPs.

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    I think we need to take note of the second part of the message which speaks about India and then read the first part in that context; things will be more clear then. The aim of this message is to say that the people are being misguided by the media and the social media and that everything is fine out here otherwise. We can expect more such messages in the coming days.

    I do agree that media and the social media need to be more responsible and we should not believe whatever they try to spread. Leaving alone a section of the people who may be gullible, I am sure that most of us still have the ability to think and analyze. I don't think we can be fooled by showing us an elephant and saying that it is a rhino; we are still in our senses. The media need to act more responsibly and must not forget the role they play in the society. Likewise, we must be responsible while using the social media; think twice before sharing some message or pictures and do think before you post something on your own too.

    The efforts to distance the people from the media is not, as such, acceptable.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    An excellent thread wherein we read a FB post that portrays/implies that social media and TV adversely affects India. It would true but we should not blame social media. Guns are used by law enforcement agency to safeguard people and themselves but the same guns are used by youngsters in US school to commit mass murder. We cannot criticise the guns, we should criticise the hands that hold them. Similarly, we should criticise the hands and the brains that use social and mass media.

    A few days back, I got a what's app forward, Oxford University has announced a scholarship in the honor of Manmohan Singh. This was a fake news. St.Johns College, Cambridge had announced Dr.Manmohan Singh's Scholarship in 2007! Because of such false information being spread on Social Media and TV, it has a potential to cause arguments and even riots and loss of property and life. But, I cannot switch it off because I would miss out on the important updates.

    Hence when responsible people switch off the TV and social media, they stand to lose key information and there would be a relative increase in the traffic of false news. If, irresponsible people switch off social media, yes, India would be peaceful and better', the fake news traffic would drastically reduce.

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    @Srimathi, Yes it is true that we do not have time to search the authenticity of every news so it is better not share this type of news for which we are not sure whether it is true or not. We should also not believe blindness to any news. Sometimes we can self-determine whether this news is true or it is fake and shared to spread fake news. The newspaper is a more reliable source of news than social media. Likewise, you can read news magazines which always publish authentic news. So, it is not very hard to find the authenticity of a news.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    @Sravanthi Welcome to ISC. The points whatever you have mentioned are 100 % true. Media run behind trp, content creators crave for like, share and followers. To the very first point we should understand that they do business. Of course, there should be having ethics to it, but the term business ethics itself is an oxymoron. They do business with a mass competition, so to win the competition and hold the viewers, they try different things. At the end, they bring out the news as a drama instead of facts. However we don't agree with their output, we should agree that this competition only lead us to get different version of one particular news.

    "Buyer beware" : Since it is a business, we should apply the principle of business as well. Yes, it is a responsibility of the viewer to be aware of what they cast. We should beware of whatever we see and whatever we hear. We can't be Gandhiji's monkeys with closed eyes, closed ears and closed mouth. We live in a globalization era, so we should know what is happening all over the world. So, it is important to be connected to media as well.

    Sri Vetri
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    @Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala True that we should not believe on any news blindly. Each individual has the responsibility to share only reliable news. Hope you talk about e newspapers, because printed newspapers and magazines has the limitation to cover wide news. Also, when we talk about the reliability, we can make sure and do analysis, only when we see the different version of that particular news, especially when it comes to schemes.

    True that social media carries many unauthentic news, at the same time, social media speaks out many important topics, which other traditional media are restricted to open up. Newspapers stops the updates of an issue, when it gets other news, whereas social media, especially in YouTube, people continue to talk about the news each and everyday, tweets it to respective authority and tries hard to keep them in priority.

    If people continue to believe in traditional media alone, they will be given the news of various issues, but not the knowledge of it till the end. They will talk about scams for one day or one week, then they will move on to other scam or political issue as a next topic. Whereas, social media will update the protest or progress each and every day, who stands for it and who are against it etc till the end. Importantly, they bring it to public notice immediately.

    Even if the law does not bring justice, social media will bring the clarity on the news for people to understand and judge. If you know about Swathi's murder at Nungambakkam railway station(Tamil Nadu), you will get my point easily.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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