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    What is our contribution as a good citizen?

    Most of the times when we talk or chit-chat with our colleagues or friends, the general topic of discussions are how Govt is working and why Govt is doing or not doing this thing or that thing.

    Everyone seems to blame the Govt for its wrong policies or poor governance. Seems perfectly all right to us that all the problems in this country seem to emerge from the notion that Govt is not able to do anything.

    Leaving Govt aside for a while let us now introspect what is our contribution in the society as a good citizen. What is our contribution to keep our surroundings clean? what is our contribution in making this earth a habitable green place? Are we working honestly in the capacity or post we have been entrusted by the Govt? Do we make queues when we go to a crowded place of service? Do we respect traffic rules?

    The contribution of each and every citizen counts in making a country and let us discuss where we stand today in this respect.
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    The first and foremost thing that a good citizen should do is - Pay tax to the government sincerely without any manipulation to reduce the taxable sum. A government needs money to run the country. The tax to the goverment is the life line of the government for good governance, good planning and execution. Similarly, every politician citizen should be sincere to spend the sum for the progress and development of the country. So, a sincere tax payer is a good citizen of that country.
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    The contribution of people of a country is essential for the development of a country. Only government or the policies cannot develop our country. Being a good citizen we should follow the constitution. We always know our rights but nobody wants to know his duties towards the country. We should understand our duties first and should be done accordingly. If every citizen of India will understand the importance of his duties nobody can prevent the development of India. The government makes the policies or rules for the benefits of the citizen and it is our duty to cooperate with the government in the implementation of the policies.
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    Not doing harm to any individual is the best part of a good citizen. Another part is paying the tax as per the rules to the last paise is a character of a good citizen. But when we see how this money will be wasted and swallowed by the political leaders in power will feel that the hard earned money is getting wasted. From the last 25 years, I am a regular payer of IT and no dues. I received two appreciation certificates from IT department. SO I feel I am a good citizen. Another good character of a good citizen is the protection of environment and cleanliness in and around. If we are a real citizen we should see that we will not spoil this atmosphere and keep it protected. Similarly, we should see that hygiene and cleanliness are maintained. But the present day situation is making the people selfish and they never bother about the society. I feel sometimes everybody should think about the country and do some favours to the country as you are enjoying many benefits from this society.
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