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    Railway station to Royal Palace - the road was not that much smooth!

    Interviewing a celebrity is an art and some responses would catch more attention and would be inspiring too. Prime Minister Narendra Modi went into the record books to be the second Indian to address a gathering/interacting with the people in the name of 'Bharat ki baath' at the famous Town Hall in London day before yesterday. Mahatma Gandhi was the first Indian to mark his attendance in the Town Hall. Famous writer Prasoon Joshi was the interviwer and did his job well.

    The very first question can be an embarrassing one as he asked - "Your journey started from a railway station and now you are a special guest in the Royal Palace, how do you see this journey, Modi ji?"

    As we know the great son of the soil started his life from his childhood as a Chaiwaala at a Railway station in Gujarat and rose to the very height of becoming the Prime minister of India. Now he was given a grand welcome to the Royal palace by Queen Elizibeth II as the grand Old lady herself received him and escorted him to his seat. What an irony of life? Did he ever imagine of the greatest moment nor we?

    He simply responded with a smile - "Prasoon, you are a writer and very easy to use the rhyming words 'Railway station to Royal palace. It was not that much smooth. A tough journey with hardest moments and great life fight".

    He went on adding that how he lived as Chaiwala and entered the political arena was purely personal and related to Modi. But the entry into the Royal Palace represents the dignity and self confidence of the 127 crore Indian community. What a great reply!

    We may have political differences, whether we like him or not, his journey in life is truly inspirational. "Ye zindagi ki raasta kisi ko aasan nahi. Sab ko ye raasta bahut mushkil hoti hai, lekin ye aadmi o zitega o hei Sikender" (The road of life is not easier to anyone but the person who makes it is the real winner).
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    Yes what our PM Modi said in an interaction with the people in UK is very much true. Those who achieve the highest office of this country, their journey cannot be smooth and cake walk. In one of the question he said that he was habituated to hearing daily heap of abuses from opposition parties and that made him strong and fit. PM chair is not the seat of happy phase, One has to see the welfare of the people, protect the country and above all would able to garner funds from other countries and receive their praise. So PM Modi has been consistent on these factors and hence he is a winner.
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    I happen to watch that interview live. I generally try to not miss any interview of contemporary great personalities like Narendra Modi, Amitabh Bachchan, Dr. Manmohan Singh etc.

    The philosophy of triumph is hidden in the Hindi/Urdu proverb - 'Jo Jita, Wahi Sikandar' which literally means that 'One who wins, is the King'.

    Perhaps there were warriors braver than Sikandar i.e. Alexander the great but since they gave supreme sacrifice, they could not survive to rule and be praised like Alexander. One has to survive also for reaping the fruit.

    Modi is a product of vengeance. Denial of US visa though occupying a constitution position made him to work for to become the Prime Minister of India. He fought and got it.

    There are many things which are beyond the comprehension power of human beings. We ascribe such things to destiny or fate.

    Modi was destined to become the Prime Minister of India.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Modi is a very good orator. He knows how to modulate his words and he knows which word gives more effect at what stage. So he is very impressive in many talks. The Bharat ki bath at the famous Town Hall in London day before yesterday also gone in the same way. The question is very impressive and the answer also equally impressed the listeners. Both the PMs from BJP are equally good in their oratory skills.
    His life is a harder one only. But his achievements are great. He was refused a VISA by the USA. The same country made him speak him from the white house. This incident itself how he has gone from level to level. As an individual, he is a very big achiever and the younger generation of the country should learn how to achieve our goals.

    always confident

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    The fact that this thread has been raised is credit to the seasoned interviewer and the verteran leader.
    At times, in public places, interviews etc, people opposite to each other induldge in a subtle game of sparring with each other based on their knowledge and communication skills.

    The title phrase catches the attention of the reader. This shows the skills and commands over the language on the part of the journalist. Celebrities and hosts who are known for their language and oratory skills thrive on such moments.
    To counter such difficult questions, think on the spot and give an equally deserving reply is not easy. It takes experience, maturity, anticipation, and an agile mind to respond to such bold questions. Any average person would have just smiled or ignored or even be angered at such a question because he/she would not have the courage and knowledge to quickly reply to such tricky comments or loaded questions.

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    The journey from 'Chaiwala' stage to PM is amazing, astonishing, remarkable and magnificent. Very few people can have such a career line.

    The opposition parties and others who are under pressure due to his vision of India as a developed country are not happy with him due to obvious political reasons but a common man is finding solace and hope in his ideas and functioning.

    He is getting the respect and honour of a high order wherever he is visiting and his interactions with media are becoming the milestones in the political world.

    Even after becoming PM his simplicity is a matter of great praise and example for all of us.

    Knowledge is power.

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