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    What are the most common acts of carelessness people commit in day to day life?

    The intention of raising this thread in the forum section is to create awareness about the acts which we should avoid in our day to day life. We often find people commenting about other's carelessness. Though some of such acts are comparatively innocuous but few may cost dearly in adverse circumstances.

    Perhaps one of the most common carelessness on the part of people is to not wear helmets while driving two wheelers. The other such common acts of carelessness are to not start early from home for reaching one's destination in time and eating junk food outside indiscriminately. Not depositing insurance premium before due date, not renewing driving license in time and leaving the lights and fans on even not in use etc. are other common acts of carelessness on the part of people.

    What are the most common acts of carelessness people commit in day to day life?
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    Not caring for traffic rules is the act which shows the carelessness of people. Some people will never stick to their timings and will never give enough concentration to keep up their timings. This is also a carelessness only. Going very fast on the bike, leaving the handlebar while driving, getting into the bus and getting down the bus when it is travelling, getting into a moving train and getting down from the train before it stops are some of the common careless works that are being carried out by the people. Today morning I am just waiting near the exit of the train to get down when it stops. The people from behind are shouting get down and get down. I have given the way to them and I got down only after the rain stopped completely. These days many students are careless about their examinations. They just read one or two days before the exam and attend the examination without giving much importance to the examination.
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    There are many such careless acts that can be potentially dangerous. Housewives leaving doors and compound gates open, trusting strangers who ask for directions or advise them to remove their ornaments to safeguard them. I've seen people who do not bother about confidentiality about their passwords and PIN for acccounts and debit/credit cards.
    People putting money in Ponzi double or money multiplying schemes. Overcrowding the busy streets with parked vehicles leading to traffic jams. People who are typical litterbugs and jaywalkers. People who use mobiles while standing next to the petrol pumps in the bunks. We should include people who mindlessly forward messages from social media. There are many people who are careless about the health and welfare of fellow humans, these people blatantly sell suprious goods, adulterated food, let loose their pet dogs that are aggresive etc.

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    There are so many carelessness attitude present among ourselves, unless and until it is pointed out we wont mend or correct our ways. I am dead against those who wont close the water tap tightly after the use at the toilets and bathrooms. That means even a drop of water leaking continuously would lead to shortage at the end of the day or night. Likewise I am also against those who has the habit of switching on the lights when they are not used by them or others and also the fans which keep on running with no one in the rooms. And we get annoyed while seeing people riding on road without road sense and knowing the rules.
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    Carelessness is an inherent trait in many people and is the root cause of many evils in their life.

    Those who are disciplined are less careless as they believe in an orderly life.

    Generally, people are careful in financial and matters related to their career and in other things they are always reluctant and appear uninterested. So it varies from individual to individual.

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    Failing to pay for the bill amount of your mobile may be the most common careless attitude that one may feel in themselves. Servicing of the bike or four vehicle could be the another one that we don't give much importance to. The most important is the cleaning of the toilet.

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