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    Justice Loya case: The Supreme Court Judges have made strong observation

    Yesterday the three Judge Bench under CJI Misra has dismissed the PIL filed by Tehseen Poonawalla and Prashant Bhushan seeking re-examination of death of Justice Loya. The Hon'ble Judges, while dismissing the PIL, have made very strong observations about the tendency of some political persona of using PIL for meeting political ends. The Judges have made scathing comments on the activities of Prashant Bhushan, who filed this PIL.

    The directionless opposition parties tried to harass the ruling party by filing this PIL. But it has boomeranged on them. I take this judgement as a tight slap on the face of those people who are hell-bent to disturb the administrative and constructive activities of the present Central Government.

    Members may kindly indicate their opinion of this issue.
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    It is true. The very purpose of the PILfiled by Tehseen Poonawalla and Prashant Bhushan seeking a re-examination of the death of Justice Loya is to create some problem for the ruling party. But the three Judge Bench under CJI Misra is in a different mood. They clearly mentioned their thoughts on the case saying that about the tendency of some politicians of using PIL for meeting political ends. This verdict is a direct hit on the unnecessary activities of some of the opposition parties who are putting their efforts on the only one activity that is seeing that the ruling party will get disturbed. But the court advised the people to concentrate on constructive activities rather than wasting time on these useless activities. A good outcome from the court.
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    This is the political stunt from the opposition party & in against the ruling government. The overall objective is to gain attention from the commons for the coming general elections during next year.

    It is clear that the opposition don't have much issues to raise so they try to go for anything without ample proof. As a result the opposition now stood silent in this case. If we don't even get the intentions of these political parties then we will face the possible consequences accordingly.

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    The statements of Shri Rahul Gandhi and Shri Prashant Bhushan are shameful. They are casting aspersion on judiciary. It is also reported that the opposition is planning to bring Impeachment motion against the CJI Misra. They are ready to be insulted once more.
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    As the general elections are fast approaching, the opposition parties are not have any major issues to take on the NDA government to corner it. Now they are indulging mudslinging activities by raising issues of no importance and for that even the learned lawyers are becoming the scapegoat and they are getting the brick bat from the SC by rapping them. Surely the rejection of PIL by SC in the Justice Loya case is the lesson for the opposition that they should not misuse the provisions laid in the PIL laws and thus it is a slap on the face of those who want to create a situation for the ruling party and they failed.
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    A good democratic set up can be identified by whether the judiciary is giving a verdict on the sound principles of our constitution or not. If the judgements are unbiased and are in accordance with the laid down laws it is really a matter of great joy to the citizens.

    The current case has put another feather in the cap of our judiciary and we hope that they will keep on maintaining these standards in the times to come.

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    It is very interesting to see that the Apex court has made some categorical comments on the intent of such PILs. PIL is being misused as a weapon to tarnish the ruling governments in many cases without looking at public interest. However, the opposition went on initiating an Impeachment motion in the RS against the Chief of Indian judiciary system which is quite unfortunate. The judgement is to be honored respectfully, else should have gone for a Review petition citing proper grounds. Instead, they chose to express their dissatisfaction by means of an Impeachment motion which is not a healthy trend though they have a right to do so. Quite unfortunate that the opposition in India is going directionless due to lack of maturity in political thinking.

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    I vividly remember the press conference of Justice Loya's son sometime in January, 2018 when he asked the media and others to allow the family to live in peace. He also clearly stated that the family had no doubt about the cause of death of Justice Loya. But many people including media-sharks ignored and ridiculed the appeal of the son of Justice Loya and his family members.
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    Justice Loya's death had a few inconsistencies with regards to the time and events. He was investigating the Sohrabuddin case which had implications on BJP people in power. When such high profile cases are investigated, there is intense media attention and the death of a CBI lawyer also raises suspicions.

    The CJI Misra and Prashant Bhushan have had disagreements in the past, earlier this year we had the Four senior SC judges who had made the unprecedented press conference about the mis-deeds in the highest level of Judicaiary in India and the case allocation by the CJI Misra. So, there is more than what the eyes can see in this case. Let's wait.

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    If any party has any objection to the judgment, it can file a review petition. As far as I know, a bigger Bench would examine the case. Is there any need for Impeachment motion or campaign against the CJI?
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    Breaking News: Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu has rejected Impeachment Motion against CJI Misra. This is another setback for the opposition.
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    The rejection of the impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of India is an expected one. No one thought of contrary.
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    The Vice-President has inter-alia stated the followings in his order rejecting the Impeachment motion:-

    1.The "notice of motion is not a fit case for removal of judges."
    2. The "motion does not deserve to be admitted."
    3. "MPs who presented petition are unsure of their case...Phrases used by MPs indicate mere suspicion, conjecture or assumption...Does not constitute proof beyond reasonable doubt."
    4. "Internal matter to be resolved by Supreme Court itself...Allegations neither tenable nor admissible...Firm opinion that it is neither legal nor desirable or proper to admit notice on any one of these grounds.'
    5. He "Can't allow any of four pillars of governance to be weakened by any thought, word or action".

    The Vice-President consulted 12 Constitutional experts before passing the said order.

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    Incidentally, many respected legal luminaries like Fali S Nariman and Ram Jethmalani have strongly criticized Congress for the Impeachment motion. They are in no way supporter of BJP. Even Justice Chelmeshwar, one of those four Judges who criticized the functioning of the Supreme Court, has said that Impeachment Motion is not an answer to the problem.

    Incidentally yesterday I read an extremely informative article in the Times of India which gave various information how Congress has misused judiciary since the time of Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1975. Yesterday, when Rajdeep Sardesai asked Kapil Sibal in an interview about those cases of misusing/influencing the judiciary, he simply avoided this question.

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