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    Do you crave for receiving as many birthday wishes as possible?

    The advent of social media has increased the people's tendency to exchange birthday wishes which have led to heightening people's cravings for receiving more and more such birthday wish messages. Though many people simply write 'happy birthday' but few of us post very creative messages by including images and even video clips.

    Why there is such a craze among people? Do receiving more happy birthday wishes increase people's lifespan? What else you do to celebrate your birthday other than the craving for receiving birthday wishes in the all-pervasive social media?

    Do you crave for receiving as many birthday wishes as possible?
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    It has become a fashion to send birthday wishes. No additional time is required to spend. While going through the WhatsApp or the facebook if we see a message regarding a birthday of one of our friends immediately typing Happy Birthday will hardly take less than a minute. So these days it has become very age. In my college and University days, we used to go to market, purchase a greeting card and go to the post office get the stamps affixed and post it. A lot of time was used to be spent on this. So those days we used to send the greetings to a very important friend only. Now the situation is entirely different. So it has become an order of the day to send a happy birthday wishes. For any small issue also we are sending wishes very easily. So the speciality of those wishes is slowly diminishing. It has become more a formality rather than a wish or a feeling of happiness. I wish for very important friends by a telephone call also.
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    Now a days whether we are interested or remembering our birthday or not our social media account, bank, and other government organisations which are having contact with us are promptly sending the birthday messages and greetings and social media such as Facebook, are giving notification of our birthday before hand and thus some of our followers are very kind enough to send their message at midnight and that would be great surprise for us. But what I liked that some one has sent a flower bunch with greetings on my birthday last year which came early in the morning by courier.
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    I do not 'celebrate' my birthday since the days when I started staying away from home. Even otherwise also we did not have the system of 'Birthday wishes' or birthday presents during our childhood. The general routine will be we had to wake up early, take bath,wear the new clothes bought for the birthday by parents,and accompany mother(later go alone) to the temple and pray. Mother would be doing some offerings at prasad will be brought in and given to the birthday boy/girl first and then to every one in the family. There would be a special lunch with more items than on general days.

    The formality of saying or sending Happy birthday etc came later. Nowadays I receive the 'Happy Birthday' or greetings from all commercial and other establishments where my DOB is recorded for some purposes. I do not get enchanted by them.
    Normally we follow the 'star' in our family for our birthday.Hence only very close relatives know when our birthday falls.

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    On birthdays during our childhood, as mentioned by Mr.Venkiteswaran sir, we would be blessed by elders. My grandfather used to have a block of vibuthi like a small square. He used to rub his fingers on it and then apply a pattern (pattai) on our forehead and bless us. Grandmother used to bless, give money and the next day morning, they used to do a small ritual with a lemon to ward off the negative eyes that were cast on us the previous day.
    I think, there is a difference between being blessed by pious elders or seniors and the birthday wishes we get nowadays. There is no harm in getting these wishes, just makes us feel happy that we have so many friends and well-wishers.

    I don't crave for these greetings of birthdays. For close friends, I drop in a few lines of kind words and wishes. I feel, present-day social media is so good that you really don't need to wish or type a lot, just google a good GIF or a greeting in the net, download and forward it to the friend.

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    When I was a child, I used to be very much interested in receiving birthday wishes. But now as I am grown-up, my interest of those has slowly banished. This simply in context with the philosophy of life then no more attraction govern onto me.

    Time changes & so the needs also gets shifted from most important to lass important & then to one day completely diminished. As I am now changed but the new generation is still very much in accordance to the changing life style.

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    In our family there is always two birthday for each one as there would be celebration as per the date of birth and the next as per the star. Social media gives us the messages of DOB only.
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    The author has made an interesting observation in this thread. Many people who are active in social media flaunt the number of b'day wishes they have received. It has become a fad nowadays.

    I have no such inclination to get more wishes as that seems to be formal then the real good wishes. In fact, I am not blindly wishing also to others until the person is in a close acquaintance.

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    Wishing on birthdays,wedding anniversary days are all become common nowadays. normally on such days people approaching house elders seeking blessings and going to temples for making Archana to God for blessings. But nowadays people not having good belief on seeking blessings from elders instead they celebrate in a grand way by cutting cakes,giving feast to friends and in some cases they are offering liquor party also. These are outcome of society only.

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    I have long stopped expecting from people.
    So I don't crave for such greetings.
    But I do wish people to be creative while greeting me.

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    Birthday wishes are increasing year after year just because of the social media. Earlier only a limited wishes used to come, that too through post in the form of cards. The number was very less. Then there was phone calls reminding the birthday. I do remember, when Both myself and my wife were working we used to forget our birthdays. We remember the day only when some of the relatives extend the wishes through the phone, mostly by the evening of that days.
    Now a days the children are much fond of this day. They expect wishes, a get together of their friends and class mates and also receiving gifts. It has now gone to the level of 'return gifts' being given to friends who participated in the party.
    Actually all these are a sign of people becoming more and more social.


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    Absolutely not! I feel deeply embarrassed if people wish me on my birthday. To me, birthday is a private affair. Instead of birthday wishes, I would be much more happy if I get one spoon of 'payes' (kheer/payasam) from my old mother. Although it is not possible, my daughter and I feel blessed when my daughter and myself hear her voice on our (same date) birthday.
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