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    China's fight against air pollution. Will it work for us?

    Many major cities in China are battling with air pollution. In almost 338 cities with poor air quality, the government measures have resulted in a decline (6.5%) in the levels of pollutants

    One of the measures is the use of the ' Mega Purifier'. This tall device (around 300 feet) that looks like a chimney from a distance with greenhouses at the base of it. The air is sucked into the tower, heated up and then pushed up via layers of filters. This device effectively reduced the levels of PM 2.5 (tiny and hence harmful to humans).

    Based on the weather and degree of pollution it can clear round 5-18 million cubic meters of air every day.This clears the air within the area of around 10 square kilometers.

    This is run by the Insitute of Eath Enviornment, Chinese Academy of Sciences. A new giant 1640 foot version has been planned, when succesfully working, this is hoped to help to maintain air quality of a small city.

    Once we know the cost and the feasibility of having this in our Indian Metros, it could become a significant step in India's plan to tackle air pollution. It would be worth a try at least in Delhi.
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    This is a good technology and may not be very costly also. The efficiency of the system is very high and effective. So the chances of India getting into it is very high and cities like Delhi will get definitely benefitted with this system. What I heard is National Environmental Engineering Research Institute is trying out a similar system which on the verge of completion. Soon they may go for implementing the same on trails basis in our country. Let us hope the system will work very efficiently and will give good results.
    But it is not the end but it is the beginning of a new method. Many more additions and modifications are required for keeping the environment under control and avoid the damages to the mother earth.
    A civilised man has to improve his lifestyle without giving away the safety and the integrity of the mother earth. Then only one can say that there is a development.

    always confident

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