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    Suggestions for Learning English Faster and Easily

    How long have you been studying English? Still having problem in speaking?

    Here are listed some suggestions for you:
    -Listening – Listening to more and more English is the most important factor.
    - Writing- Write down anything new that you come across anytime, this will help you to remember what you have learned.
    -Reading-Try to read English for minimum one hour a day. This might be difficult, but it is very important as English being a big language, so the more and more you read, the more things you come across, and the better you become.
    -Speaking – Speak a lot of English and find people with whom you can converse in English. You can find people on the Internet as well as you can use some English Learning App, where you can find one to one expert to speak in English with, who will correct you on your wrong English or pronunciation.
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    These days the fluency in English is becoming a necessity in our life because this is the only language which connects many people across the Globe. So speaking, writing, reading or talking in English is very important for the individual for his progress. The author in his write up has given some im[portant tips for improving our skills in the language. This topic has been discussed in all sections of ISC many times. There was a thread earlier on improving our skills in English. There was a question and then answers in Ask Expert section also. There are a few articles also in Article section. So people who are interested in improving their English skills can utilise this ISC for improving their skills.
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    There is no short cut for any thing, like wise for learning English reading and writing, and even conversing, one must practice to read , write and converse with others. Please read The Hindu news paper daily and that would enhance your vocabulary and also improve English as to how to understand and how to speak. Always converse with elders who are well versed in English, and they would not only listen, respond but also correct you with right usage of words and that is important. Even with your friends try to speak English no matter you err and recover. That way everyone can master over this language.
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    Mastering any language including English, is possible with time, effort and a desire to be proficient in the common ways we use the language (listening, reading, speaking and writing). Each of these tasks needs the basic grasp of English, the phrases, the mean, the grammar etc.

    Of course, with practice, one can gradually improve the command in these areas. Listening to people speak English around us, in the office, at schools, colleges, in TV and movies helps us to be familiar with the words, pronunciation and the meaning. Slowly we can improve our skills. Similarly, if we focus on reading, writing and speaking during day to day activities, we can achieve a good command of the language soon.

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