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    Stopping sexual abuse in India

    The abuse of women for sexual favors is a huge problem in India. With every single day, there are thousands of instances of physical abuse in India and the problem is becoming acute day after day.

    Tamil Nadu is now in the grip of a huge problem. A lady professor of Mathematics, of an Arts and Science College, near Madurai, was caught soliciting the "help" of girl students of her own college, for sexual favors. The list extends right up to the present Governor of Tamil Nadu.

    How do we now do something very solid, to get to the genesis of such problems, and create a far-reaching awareness, so that such instances do not re-occur? How do we make a start and how do we convert the entire discussion into meaningful social action, impacting and involving a huge mass of Indian society? How do we make the political class to take notice?
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    Sexual abuse has been happening over the years and what the difference we are facing and seeing now is the reporting of every such incidence immediately on the social media and that is spreading awareness at once. As regards to governor of TN touching the cheek of a lady reporter, that was done by Karunanidhi also many a time and no such din was erupted . Now the students and youth are more informed and they are getting united for every good cause and therefore sexual abuse issue will also be looked into and contained. And for that a big grouping is required across the country.
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    The awareness and self-protecting capabilities in the girls should increase and all ladies should be against such acts and under no circumstances they should encourage such acts by anyone even though the other side person may be a very big man or a VIP. In fact, the example mentioned by the author is the problem between two females only. Such things should not happen. The next one is to have a very strong judicial system to punish at the earliest the culprits and the punishment should be exemplary so that anyone will not dare to do such kind of acts. Another issue to be changed is the government should ban advertisements in which the females are shown in an indecent way. The adds where the females are shown in unrelated angles should also be prohibited. Some specially trained groups of ladies should be on constant watch and they should be powered to take any decision deemed fit instantly based on the situation. These measures may bring in some change in the society.
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    Sexual abuses are on the increasing trends since there is no proper administrative machinery to contain such ever increasing exploitation of the ladies. May be there has been a lack of educational efforts on the part of educational Institutes and the societies as a whole so as to establish an harmonial relationships between the two sexes. There is no consideration of mental capabilities of ladies other than being treated them as a mute idols performing their duties as per directives of the men dominating over the opposite partner.
    So long as such attitudes prevail where the qualities of women - folk are ignored and they are treated as the symbol of sex, nothing can be done to uplift the status of the ladies already victimised in the sexual advances. The advertisements appearing on the TV displaying the products of men with ladies wearing indecent dresses are to be stopped altogether so that there is no chances of aggravation of the crimes. Females should be equally alert in the event of crisis without showing hesitation in approaching the Police - station or any administrative machinery to arrest the crimes.

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    The issue of the lady professor asking students to do favors is shocking. If this is the plight a lady is putting the young girls into, imagine the other dire situations where women study, work and interact. It is shameful that such acts are committed or such inappropriate favors are asked for.

    As far as the Governor of Tamil Nadu patting the cheek of a lady, such things should be avoided by Government officials in public places. Any physical contact or even violation of their personal space should not be entertained. In simple terms, there should be no reason for misunderstanding and no need to give statements after statements.

    What we need is a sustained multi-pronged action plan. Initially, all over the country, rapists should have to pay the ultimate price. Once the public see the reality of losing the life for such crimes, it would be the best deterrent.
    Then we need a name and shame hour on all TV channels and name and shame page in all newspapers wherein the images, details, and address of all such people are published. Then we need reminders about how to respect the dignity of children and women, this should be by means of TV programs, street plays, talk etc.

    All this should be done regularly over a period of 3-6 months, wherein the death penalty should be consistently carried out around the country. This should be spear-headed by the Government.

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    I think society has to play determining role in containing sexual abuses. The government, administration and laws come later only for dealing with incorrigible cases.

    The boys should be brought up in such a manner by their parents that they don't treat girls as objects only for subjective them to sexual abuse. Similarly the girls should also be brought up in such a manner that they remain focussed on their studies etc. only during their student days.

    Sexual abuse is everywhere, in schools, colleges, households and at workplaces.
    About 95% rapes are committed by the persons known to the victim and such predators include brothers, uncles, fathers and even grand fathers.

    The incidence cited by the author of the thread regarding a school, came to light because it was reported. Had it not been reported and consummated with mutual consent, it would not have seen the light of the day.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    During the time I went through the different views in the above submissions then I observed that this remains the fault of the male individual. On the other hand the girls remains the innocent victim as usual. The fact however, doesn't highlight the same conclusion.

    Don't you feel that it's often the female counterpart that takes the advantage of being women & blame the act of male. Even the society as a whole do so. This is a sad part. I am residing in a city called Delhi. I also having a job here & in addition that I also travel in the metro railway as well as move around in the market but it's hardly that I witnessed such incidences. Even during morning walk it's a good movement throughout.

    In the mean time the society is so much open that both sex feel the need of having the another one too. And this is the reason that both can easily be observed at a time & anywhere. We witness the open attitude even beyond a limit that needs to be understood. Even in the porn sites the immature girl can be seen posing a nude posture which is completely on her interest & nit forced.

    Time have changed a lot & simply blaming a one factor is doing injustice to him. This needs a collective effort from all of us. What we got an impression from the outer side doesn't mean that the same is the case from within also. I don't believe in teasing but myself being a male, also agreeing to the fact that we also having a clear mind & in comparison the girls are more open now.

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    This is really a shameful and unfortunate thing that these abuses and misdeeds are happening in our society and we are observing it helplessly.

    Of course, the genesis lies in our social system where financial and political discriminations are sheltering these crimes. The Govt machinery is equipped with all the measures to tackle these issues but unfortunately, the poor governance is facilitating these crimes rather containing.

    As a good citizen, we may make a hue and cry on these happenings but most of us are not aware what action to take in such situations and how to keep ourselves safe from these abuses.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In my reply yesterday,#634162, I had felt that death penalty for rapists would be a deterrent. Many of us feel the same. Today, I read that the cabinet has approved an ordinance that would allow courts to award 'death penalty' for the convicted rapists of children under the age of 12 years. Along with this, the trial should be complete within two months and many of the minimum punishments have been increased. It seems that it would soon become a reality for the unfortunate families of the victims who have to suffer the humiliation and the endless wait for justice.

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