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    What distinguishes the best B schools from the rest?

    There are an estimated 8000 B schools in India. Out of these 8000, a huge number are those that are affiliated to some University or the other, including deemed Universities, and the standard of teaching in these colleges, for the MBA degree is so poor that there is a huge gap between what the industry wants, and what is taught in the classroom.

    Why are the Indian Institutes of Management, and another twenty top B schools, so good in quality, whereas the rest are simply rotting? How do we make sure that the rest also do some serious thinking and come out of the problem?

    For instance, does the quality of students impact education in such places? If a good number are thoroughly demotivated for whatever reason, does this also impact the quality of education?

    The absence of quality case-studies is another big issue. How do we go about doing something to make things better for the vast majority of colleges, offering the MBA program?
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    What I understand that those who gets personal attention for each candidate are the best B schools and those who are famous for most students studying are the B schools.
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    All educational institutes can't be of the same quality. Not only the quality of education but also the quality of the learners also is important. Why IITs are so famous and why the other Universities are not up to that standard. The cream of the students will be taken to these best IIMs and IITs by adopting very stringent education norms and entrance tests. So the people who are getting admitted into those institutions will naturally have higher IQ levels and intelligence. Added to that the faculty and the facilities make them more rubbed to get a better shinning.
    In other colleges and universities even after providing all these facilities and faculty also we can't expect the same level of performance by the students as their original IQ levels and grasping powers are less. So I feel it is not practicable to make all educational institutions equal in all respects.

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    In case of IIM's funds come from government grants, tuition fee and research consultancies etc. Funds are required for paying competitive salaries to the faculty members for attracting and retaining them and developing outstanding infrastructure to provide a healthy learning environment.

    On the other hand the run of the mill management colleges are degree shops only which collect heavy fee from the students in lieu of a degree. They have to run the show on their own and basically cater to the need of mindless crowd of unemployed graduates seeking yet another degree in the form of a management degree to enjoy two more years at the cost of their parent's hard earned money.

    Quality of students do matters. It is only the quality of students which raises the level of an academic institution.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    They have been through the selection procedure that not easy to conquer. So the candidates reaching here is a part of the finest of the candidates who participated in the various sets of competitive examinations. Along with this, these business Schools, has set up a curriculum that most suited for any upcoming challenges in the market.

    In addition, they are prepared to take the charge of the top decisions in any company impacting the future prospects of the company. So all these make up to the big value for these students which also form a part of overseas candidates.

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