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    Is a minimum qualification for politicians desirable?

    Politics in India has now touched a new low. Not a single day passes, without the ruling party and the opposition party, in most States of India, indulging in the worst form of character assasination and what is worse, there seems to be less respite from the worst form of corruption that tends to eat away the gains made in every field.

    It is in this context, that a minimum standard of education, say, a graduate degree, is now being discussed in some forums, as the most desirable solution for some sort of improvement in the standards of political discourse.

    However, is this the only solution? The great Kamaraj was not even a matriculate, and yet he adminstered the vast State of Tamil Nadu, like no one did. He did many wonders through personal example. There have been other notable examples too.

    However, will the educated masses of people, particularly lawyers, MBAs and Chartered Accountants make a huge difference? This is a big question that needs to be discussed.
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    Unfortunately in India, Politics is the last resort for those who are illiterate and has the manipulation up to their sleeves. And those who are having leaders quality from the school and college level unions, they do have aspirations for politics from the ward level politics, slowly migrating to MLA and then MP. And if any of the family member are already in politics, the children would follow the same. However I have seen that in same house people are having their support and affiliations to different political parties and that is more advantage as one person or the other would have presence in politics.
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    Do we need a graduation to know what is good to the people? what is good for the country? Do we really need a degree to understand that corruption is a crime?

    We don't need to go to schools or colleges, life will teach us by the time we are the right age to vote and to become a politician. Just look at the biggest scamsters in India, most of them are from well to do families, have degrees but yet have neither morals nor integrity.

    Education or a degree is an added bonus to the politicians, especially, if he or she is a minister or has to handle funds or move in the international arena.

    If one is educated, then he/she should be able to contribute in a related field in the government office. For instance, Dr.Manmohan Singh, a doctorate in economics from Oxford has been a chief economic advisor, Governor of RBI and a finance minister who has done a wonderful job. He has scholarships in his name granted by the University of Cambridge. What I mean is, if one is educated, then it should be utilized in a constructive manner in public service.

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    One year back I raised the same topic in the threads section. Many responses were there in which people felt that qualification is not an important issue. Many of the people felt that people should give respect to ethical values and should understand what is good for the general public and they should have the qualities of serving the people and doing well for the upliftment of people who are really suffering. So the relations between politics and education is of no meaning. Today many of the MPs and MLAs are literate only. Even many of them are qualified lawyers also. they utilise the education for their benefit and they use this for their self-gain. An educated man knows the law better and he knows how to manage the law to his benefit. So they will never hesitate to manipulate the things to their favour. Now I got fully convinced that education is no way improve the politics in our country.
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    This can't possibly be the case. This is to be noted that the constitution of India has been amended for its natives but at the comfort of the politicians. During election, the member of any political party can contest from two places. That they even can contest the elections from behind bars. This & many more are evident from the past experiences.

    There are huge profits they are given when the elections have won but never monitored their performances. We are talking about the Constitution of India, that when the promises are not met then still they are not responsible.

    The main power has been handed over to us but due irresponsible & forgetful behavior on our side that the political leaders has taken the advantage on us. We need to be awaken & responsible so that we take a note of their performance & if required punish them while casting vote.

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