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    Why do so many people still think that 'The Theory of Evolution' is not a fact?

    Isn't it beyond debate in science now and there is no dispute but you see so many who still thinks it is false and even worse - believing in other theories with zero evidence as if they have equal scientific credibility.
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    It is not clear how you have taken it granted that "so many people still think that 'The Theory of Evolution' is not a fact?". Is there any recent report of a study or survey conducted?
    Personally, I feel that by reaching secondary education level the students would have become aware of the evolution of humans in its basic principles. May be those who are totally uneducated may not be knowing that.But then, they do not come for debating also.

    So logically I feel that except for those who do research themselves and have their own hypothesis about evolution, generally people will be agreeing upon the existing evolution theory until it is disproved beyond doubt.

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    You can just look at all the forums where they have this debate. Everyone who believes in the creationist theory is by definition disputing TOE. That includes a whole load of people. I would even think they outnumber those who agree with science and TOE. It's just amazing.

    and they are educated, many of them are professionals and worse, some of them are Medical doctors.

    I can only assume it is some form of cognitive dissonance.

    I also think if you subscribe to any of these religions, then you have to be holding 2 contradictory theories simultaneously aka cognitive dissonance:

    1. Judaism
    2. Christianity
    3. Islam
    4. Hinduism
    5. others...

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    The theory of evolution is not to be disputed, as far as my thinking goes. As a science doctorate, I thought about the theory of evolution many times and I always feel that there is no doubt on this theory. But in this world always there are people who think and disputes many things and tries to prove their theory with examples and proofs. But I never come across any such genuine attempt by anybody to prove that this theory is not correct. Even the people who don't have any qualifications but have some worldly knowledge also says that the theory is correct beyond doubt.
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    You should just check some of the intelligence squared debates they have on youtube. This is disputed by even actual scientists themselves.

    Generally they take either of these 2 creationist position:

    1. Young earth theorists
    2. Old earth theorists

    the 1st one is more absurd than the second. Those are from the Judeo-Christian faith.

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    Check these debates by renowned scientists taking opposing sides on TOE:

    Or on BBC debate:

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