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    While eating we bow down and while drinking we keep our head up to say thanks to God and cloud

    Have you ever realized the fact that while taking food every one has to bow down and eat and in the process we see the ground and in fact say thanks to the God for providing us with the food for that time and day. Like wise while drinking water, we have to lift our head up so that the water is taken in with ease and in that process we see the cloud. That is the thanks giving moment for the cloud as without rains we cannot get water and cannot survive. So unmindful of this , we practice the same and that is why we are blessed with good food, drinking water with ease and without any blockade.
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    The author has very interestingly depicted our thanksgiving to the almighty for whatever food and shelter He has provided us.

    In our culture and traditionally we offer a small part of food as prasadam to the God and then only take the food. In many religions, this practice exists in one form or other.

    People will have a different opinion on whether God exists or not but thanking the nature or the eternal power for what we get from it is always a good gesture.

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    In our house also before taking food we offer fist full food to the crows and they will be eagerly waiting giving sounds daily.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr Mohan, do you mean to say that God has no role in providing you water? Doesn't clouds come under the purview of God?
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    My interpretation is that the God Almighty is there everywhere. We will get rain from the sky from clouds. So when we drink water to thank the clouds for giving us the water for drinking. Similarly, we get our food from the mother earth. So when we eat we look down to say thanks to the Mother Earth. We are thanking the clouds for water and thanking the mother earth for giving us the food. We offer our prayers to the GOD before eating or drinking or starting any work telling that we are here because of HIM and whatever we eat or drink or do is because of him only and we keep remembering him always.
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    I think we are just got diverted from the main topic wherein we are through a posture giving a thanks to the Supreme Power for making the resources available for us. And in all the resources, the food & water remains the essential one for our living.

    As per me, we never had the intention of creating doubts for the existence of the GOD. It's just the way the objects have been chosen but still the overall purpose remains the same.

    It's like we all are putting our views here but we also agree to the fact that behind all these it's the supreme Lord that keep us with life to do our jobs. After all He controls He controls everything without any doubt. So cheers up.

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    When someone takes the help of examples and illustrations just to make point simple and reach the audience, we need not go for its logic and ration. The present case of alluding the action of raising our throats and mouth fro drinking water can also be taken and enjoyed with a smile like that.

    We nowadays get to read many sad stories of how infants are choked to death due to wrong posture when feeding. So there are some essential reasons or requirement for such things. But interpretation can be made in many ways to suit our purpose and intent at that time.
    But the same person does not think about God and clouds when wasting water or misusing it ,which otherwise could have come to use for some other living things.

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    We deeply acknowledge the almighty for having provided plentiful resources of food and water and it has been rather the old convention where most of the families prior to consumption of food offer a part of food to Agni- Devta or shell out some prepared foods to crows and in that way, they showed their gratitude to the GOD. Though his manifestation has never been felt but by doing so, we get inner satisfaction for a little sacrifice done in His favour. I believe that such an act may produce a favourable effect in our digestion - system since emotional - stress practically disappears.
    However, we can witness enough wastage of foods in some functions especially the marriage - party's and then we totally forget the presence of God while wasting the foods which could have been otherwise consumed by the needy ones. We should maintain uniformity in demonstrating our novel gestures in different acts.

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    My heading is very clear " While eating we bow down and while drinking we keep our head up to say thanks to God and cloud" . so God is also thanked here.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is a personal interpretation of the things we do in daily life. We should not look for logic in such conditions because, people would argue that we can eat looking up (in some fastfood joints and self service restruants that have a slabe at the chest level) and drink water with a straw looking down.

    One who believes in God and his creations, would agree to this and we do thank the Lord for our food and water. As the other members have highlighted, we should not only thank the Lord but respect food and water and use it responsibly.

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