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    Do we need to impose stringent laws on foot boarders while traveling in public transports?

    Many of the Students and even some young people and pickpocketers enjoyed traveling footboard while travelling in public transports as it is so inconvenient for others to get into the bus it is understandable that if there is a heavy crowd in the bus not only in the bus as it will be more visible in local trains especially in Mumbai.Do you really enjoy traveling foot boarding in bus and Trains?Do we need to impose strict laws and rules on foot boarders?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question
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    It is a very dangerous habit. Getting into the bus while running. Hanging around the footboard. Getting down while the bus is in slow motion. All the above are really dangerous. Doing this from the front side of the bus is further dangerous. The attitude and mindset of the people should change. No rules will work in our country. The individuals should understand the evils of their doings and they should correct themselves. This is the only way as far as my thinking goes. Cigarette smoking is prohibited in public places. But is it implemented? The educated and the civilised people also will not care for this. Helmet wearing is a must. But how many of us are following the same?
    So in our country, no rule can make the people changed. The rule makers and the implementers know how to make these rules get converted for their benefit.

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    Yes the foot boarding persons are liable to be punished as per the law as they are obstructing free movement of boarding alighting by other passengers. In Hyderabad the TSRTC buses have mobile courts which are stationed at the vantage points and the buses passing through it are stopped and checked for violations like foot boarding, sitting on the ladies seat and also male passengers in the ladies place area. And those erring passengers are caught and handed over to the mobile court police who shall impose spot fine and on refusal to pay fine, would be sent to remand for one day. That kind of mobile courts should try train foot boarders too ?
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    Those who are travelling on footboard should be dealt sternly and should also be punished severely.

    They are a great source of inconvenience to the fellow passengers. Mostly these are young students who do this daredevil act and enjoy the air breeze near doors of a public transport.

    Such people should be caught by ticket examiners and should be fined heavily.

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    Nobody passengers as well footboard travellers are created about the evils of footboard travel inspite of they are seeing so many death/injuries. Till they meet such situations personally, they don't care. We cannot blame the government as the law or proper enactments are there laid by them but want of proper compliants. Since many co travellers thinking as'what is for me',the strictness in punishing is not found. The conductor driver should also stop the bus if the students footboard travellers found not coming in. In such a cases atleast the annoyed passengers come to the side of driver/conductors or asking the footboard travellers to come inside or getting out.

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    Some of us during college days would have had fun standing on the steps of the moving bus and train. In the buses, it would be due to over crowding and in-ability to move up through the crowd.

    Although, this may be unaviodable and out of neccesity, travelling footboard when there is standing space inside should be discouraged and banned. We have seen heroes in movies climb, jumping and travelling on footboard to impress their girl friends, the gang of students with them.

    Given the dangers involved on being accidentally pushed out, falling down and or getting caught in the back wheels of the bus or under the wheels of the train, are unneccessary risks that are completely aviodable.

    In India, even rules are broken but at least, if there are rules, some would hesitate and give up the habit. We need to have legistlation and awareness programs that hightlight the dangers these people pose for themselves and the two-wheelers coming behind or by the side of the buses.

    The anguish or trauma a family would undergo after losing a young life to such a risky venture is something that needs to be considered when passing the law. Also important would be the costs of treating footboard accident victims, the money spent of litigation etc. In short, it makes perfect sense to have rules that ban footboard travel in bus and in trains.

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