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    The Most Accomplished Argument To The Existence Of God.

    Have you ever have wondered of about why your parents or yourself are doing prayers or do you believe in God or do you believe that it's good if you were an athiest.

    All I want to know is that if you are an athiest then is ok but if you do believe in God then what were the most sophiscated fact that you put on the table in order to proven your believe. It's almost everywhere that even in temples the Pujari or the Pundit keep on reminding themselves of the pious names but their karma or the actions doesn't match to each other. I am still awaiting for your feedbacks but would like to have the incidence from your real life.
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    I never thought that it is good to be an atheist. I am originally from a very Orthodox family and we all believe in God. We do daily rituals and may go to temples whenever possible. We will never go with a specific purpose but only to spend some time with peace of mind. Whenever I go to the temple I will not carry my mobile with me.
    When I was in my high school our family had made a plan to visit Tirupathi to have the holy Darshan of Lord Balaji. Everything is set. Tomorrow early morning we had to start and reach the railway station to get into the train.That day afternoon my sister started omitting and motions. She had a fever. My father was very much worried about the next day journey. Our doctor came and told him that the fever will come down by the next day morning and we can continue our travel plan. But till midnight she was not well. Omitting and motions stopped. But fever was there. We have started our journey and get on the train. Once we get on the train again her fever got increased. My father is started worrying. My grandmother prayed the God and offered him the hair of my sister. The moment she has done it her fever started coming down and by afternoon her temperature had come down to normal. All my elders felt happy and we have completed our tour as planned. This incident happened in the 1970s. Many people may say it is all trash. But people who have the belief in God will take it as his blessings only.

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    Well existent of God cannot be proved to some one who has the argument criteria in the mind. And those who confront the challenges and come out of it, surely knows the existence of God and power of it. Suppose you are going out for a long distance journey on your vehicle and come back safely at the designated hour, surely God was with you and the prayers done by you and by your family for your well being works here. That is why elders used to say, if the children are not praying the God, the parents on behalf of the children must pray the God and for which the children get benefited and they think that the success was from their hard work and not praying ?
    K Mohan
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    To Mr. K Mohan,

    As per the submission, the God was with us when we safely came to our place. So you mean that when we met with an accident & got injured seriously then HE wasn't with us.

    Would be interesting if you could reply on this.

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    Yes you should remember the God always and not when you are trouble and getting of it ! And for the firm believers of God, accidents wont happen at all.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Really Mohan? You sound hypocritical.
    Had a narrow escape on life as a car hit my scooter while reversing suddenly without giving signal.

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    This argument of whether God exists or not is never ending? This question is nothing new. We have been asking the same question since 5000 or more years ago. The oldest ever idol of worship or talisman of sorts is estimated to be from 35000 BC. The figurine was obtained in French caves.
    You any other thing related to civilization..worship and faith were taught to us in our childhood and we follow them for our lifetime. So we are stuck with something we never chose. Or are we? We do learn new languages, traditions, habits and even convert faiths.
    Every culture, even the most distant ones, had a religion, no matter how primitive in them. Why? Civilization needs a glue to bind all the culture-abiding people. This glue is faith. And every citizen innately follows it because his genetic hardware tells him he's a part of a culture.

    I am a stern non-believer. But I respect and acknowledge the power religion and prayer has.

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    Mr. Mohan, Just give a good thought to this. There is a vehicle carrying 25 devotees of Lord Sri Ayyappa of Sabari hills leaving Hyderabad after performing the rituals. They reach the hill safely, get the dharshan of Lord Ayyappa and are returning home happily. While on their way back, they unexpectedly collide with a truck, and all the 25 devotees died on the spot. Where did God go during this period? Is there any God anti-Ayyappa? Why did the devotees meet with an accident and lost their life?

    Can you explain it in detail?

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    Yes normally after completing the rituals, the Ayyappa devotees wants to enjoy the life which they were missing all the 42 days and hence for that evil thought they are punished.
    K Mohan
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    This argument has been there from the very beginning of the human existence on this earth. Among ancient thinkers Charvaka Muni strongly argued the non-existence of God. There were other such thinkers who shared this thinking.
    The arguments that one felt the presence of God and such other incidents are just based on one's mental set up. Those who believe in God's they attribute the same to God. Others will attribute this just as casual.

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    The concept of God or Almighty exists in every society or culture. He is there in one form or other. At the same time in each society, there are believers as well as non-believers and there is always a tug of war between the two.

    Traditionally and culturally, the theist people are generally respected in the society while atheists are always criticized by believers. Many non-believers simply compromise and appear to be believers. They simply do it to avoid confrontation.

    Throughout the ages people have derived peace and tranquillity by worshipping their Gods and one day if we suddenly tell them that God is not there, they will not agree. They will not be able to digest it.

    Even some of the top scientists will not accept that God is a concept or imagination to strengthen ourselves from our weaknesses and failures. God is an imaginary support but it works and is based on our psychology and the way we are brought up since our childhood.

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    Really a nice thread and the argument will never end. Once my teacher provided me with a good example of the existence of the God I want to share that example here. My teacher told me to let suppose you are going to market and found a lot of coins spread on the road. What would you think? I answered that accidentally from the pocket of a person it is spread on the road. My teacher told OK. Let suppose, you find that coins are arranged in a systematic manner on the road. First, you find a coin, you find the second coin at the distance of 1m, the third coin at the distance of 2m, and so on. What would you think? I replied that it is arranged by someone for any purpose. Then sir told me, see the universe, you will find that the planet, stars, comets, the Sun, the Moon, etc all have systematic manner and are arranged in a proper manner. Anyone has arranged these things. You can say these anyone by any name. We call him the God. We can find many pieces of evidence in nature which prove that existence of the God. I have provided only one example.
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    We have to or we are compelled to 'believe' many things which we have no first hand information.But still we believe them without any doubt.
    God is also one such belief which a sizeable number of people believe. In fact if we take majority as accepted in everything , then why not accept as fait accompli in this case also?

    We cannot see the back of our own body,we have never seen what is inside our body, then how we can see the God within us?

    Without seeing and visiting another place, we believe it from what others say about it and from the pictures and drawings they show us. Why can't the same be about God, whose drawings or explanations are given by those who have seen God?

    How many of us have landed in Moon? Even then are we not believing just less than a dozen people who claim to have landed on Moon? Then why we have difficulty in believing the millions who themselves are sure of God and many who had'experienced' God?

    We see the world with our eyes, but the same eyes cannot see what is behind those very eyes. Strange is it not? Let us believe that still there are infinite number of things which a human senses cannot understand and fathom. That is beyond the work of normal senses. But strong faith can make us experience them. That is the sixth sense we call.

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    @Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala #634367'

    I liked your 'coins arrangement' example. . Quite a tit-for-tat explanation for such situations and questions. It is new to me. Nice.

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    We have had this debate since time immemorial, 'prove that God exists'. It depends on the person who is asking the question and his/her views about the topic.

    Look at a glass that has water up to the midway. A pessimistic would say that the glass is half empty, an optimist would say that the glass is half full. Similarly, there would be many instances in real life that the believers would attribute to the presence of Almighty and an equal number who ask for scientific reasons would say it would have happened anyway.

    There are few personal circumstances from which I have learned to believe the existence of God but they would have to be taken at face value. Instead, let's see some common things in life. We see near hills or small mountains, huge boulders that are sitting still without any support. At the base we would see few houses. The rocks can tumble down anytime but they don't. One of the best examples in the rock at Madan Mahal fort, Jabalpur. A geologist would put many theories about shape, weight etc but those who believe in God would take His name.

    There are so many accidents (excluding drunk/rash/negligent driving) that happen, every day before a journey most of us say a small prayer (even I do), why most of us come home intact and few suffer. This is an act of God.

    Some might remember brick buildings or concrete brick walls having perfectly healthy plants fully green with roots hanging out. People tend their gardens,use manure and good water but their sapling die out; yet, these plants take life and hang on for a while bearing flowers and fruits. A horticulturalist would have theories about adaptation, capillary action, atmospheric water etc but a believer would say it's destiny of the Divine.

    At the last, I would put down our own existence. Any idea how man found his way to Earth ? Anthropologists would have many theories running back for many million years but its finally due to the existence of God.

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