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    They are not allowed to work late hours in factory environment.

    In the modern times we talk a lot about male female equality and women empowerment. The media and magazines are full of these discussions. There are voices in the atmosphere for bringing parity to women in all the fields and areas where even men dare to enter.

    Now coming to our factories engaged in 24/7 manufacturing activities, there are factory and labour rules and regulations which prohibit women to work in factories in odd hours that is before 6 AM or after 7 PM.

    What is your view on this? Should women be allowed to work during odd hours in factory environment?
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    I don't feel that this should be objectionable. During my past companies, both sex worked to their level even in the night shift. The company had enough securities in order to let their employees feel safe during different times. In addition, the company also provide the transport facility in order to avoid any out of con text scenarios. Not to mention that we got few of the finest women entrepreneurs in India.

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    The rule has been amended. The factories department is allowing the ladies to work up to midnight with some special conditions. If the outgoing time is beyond 7 PM, they lady employees should be dropped at their residence by the organisation in its transport vehicles. If this is provided we can employ throughout the night also. In many IT companies, ladies work for 24 hours. Here also the same rule is applicable. Even in BPOs also ladies work round the clock. Even in other manufacturing Industry also they can be employed if the said condition is fulfilled.
    I know some process industries in Hyderabad where lady employees work round the clock. But I don't know what is the rule in other states. The rule I have mentioned above is applicable in both the Telugu States.

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    Normally the factory works are attended by the male and in some cases by the female employees. Especially the duties which accompany the late night jobs and beyond, only male workers are preferred and ordered. But there are some factories which gives some kind of basics to the women employees who want to work late hours and stay back in the company employees room for the night and then go early in the morning to the home and then come back by 9 am. But that kind of work are not liked by the husband as he does not want his wife to stay away during nights for obvious reasons.
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    Factory environment can be understood only by those who works or worked in that environment. Strictness in punctuality and time keeping in entering,lunching,getting out can come only in the factory environment. We many talk about not permitting late comers but correctly going out in time in evenings or even getting ready even fifteen minutes before the closing hours.

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    For women employees the hours of employment is between 6:00AM to 7:00PM and not more than 48 hours a week. With discussion and appropriate permission it can be changed to times between 5:00AM to 10:00PM. I'm not sure whether the service sectors adhere by it and what are industries are covered under these rules.

    We are aware of the shift system of work in hospitals, MNCs, established brands in the food and beverage industry. Women do work odd hours and the major firms provide formal or official transport to and fro from work. I think we can allow women, if they agree to work provided the firms/employers can ensure and follow mandatory safety rules and protocols.

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