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    You have achieved something great but the reactions from others are dump. Would you be stunned ?

    Some times for every achievements, we want to get best reactions from others and we shall be overwhelmed if the reactions are superb and exciting from the near and dear ones. But sometimes our achievements are not acknowledged the better way as we have expected and that bring big disappointment to us. Suppose you are revealing to your mother in law that her daughter is on the mother way and expects joyful energetic reactions from her. But if she just nods and keep quiet, then all your expectations goes futile ? Any such different expressions from your relatives or friends ?
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    Generally, when we express our achievements to someone with a joyful mood, they may express their happiness. Even though they are not happy inside at least to keep us happy they may express happiness. But as an achiever, we need not worry about the appreciations from others. We know the value of our achievement.
    Some people will feel jealous when we achieve something. So they will not express their happiness and at the same time, they will try to spoil our image by making false propaganda about us. These are all normal in this world of competition. So we have to forge ahead with our own ideas and plans without getting back to someone's backbiting or appreciations. Then only we will be successful in our lives and we can achieve our goals. But if we have any doubt in our planning and method we should evaluate again and then proceed.

    always confident

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    As humans, whatever we do, becomes better or feels better when someone appreciates us.

    I think it starts from the nursery school, wherein the teachers give stars, stickers or a well done badge. This carries on throughout the years of education.

    If someone has done a good deed or achieved something, we can say a few words of encouragement, a pat on the back and appreciate them. We do it on what's app for friends and acquaintances, we need to do it relevantly and meaningfully for others.

    At times, our achievements raise a pang of envy among others (students, batch, team or office). So, our good deeds would not draw the attention or comment that we would expect. But this should not discourage us, if we have done something good, we should be happy with ourselves and use it as a motivator to further projects.

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    Your message is correct but I disagree with your example. You have told about achievement but the example is not an achievement but only happening. (I really wonder may be in this current trend even your example may be an achievement!)
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Keep aside the example. I am talking about damp squib response for a great news revealed and that is the big question happening in every ones life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I would still say to just chill out & enjoy your life. Don't expect anything from others & continue to do new in your life so as to keep yourself busy that you wouldn't get effected by these petty things or reactions.

    And if we could find out about how the silent reactions happens to be then either the person in not interested of got bored of the repetitive jokes or repeated statements. And so if this remains the case then just come out with some new jokes & then others for sure will started taking interest on your sayings.

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