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    Is knowledge without achievements or recognition worthless?

    In this materialistic world where we live today, the only thing that matters is the result and achievement, no matter how you achieve it or what path you follow to achieve it. People do respect the knowledge and a knowledgeable person but if that person does not reach some kind of peak or zenith which he could have achieved, his knowledge is often considered as worthless.

    If a person is knowledgeable but fails to execute it in the form of an achievement, does his knowledge become worthless? Recently I met an old IAS aspirant who was frustrated over the issue as he couldn't crack the exam and was now facing the society's taunting nature. There are many IAS aspirants who gain much knowledge as part of their preparation but when they can't crack the exams they are often considered worthless by the society for wasting their time and money over an unachievable dream. So in a way, to showcase that they have really acquired the knowledge, they need some sort of certification or achievement.

    Is it correct to consider such knowledge acquired worthless if one is not able to achieve something? What do you think about this?
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    Yes without certification, the process of thus studied become waste why because when you cannot remember the portion to which are supposed to be perfect and definite, how come the future responsibility and promises be remembered and implemented. Many people are not having the thinking of own attitude and rely heavily on the bookish knowledge which cannot give cent percent advantage. Thus by-hearting or mugging up the portions some want to pass the exams and have the certificates, but what is use when it comes to practical implementation, they are not aware of the procedures and thus fail. In the home also when the mother prepares food of varied nature every day, she expects comments on the food and that is nothing but certification. Even critical evaluation of the food leads to further improvement next time. So in real life certification has become necessary.
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    Yes the society has gone under tremendous transformation and the real value of an aspirants is judged from the certifications issued by the competent authorities despite the fact the beneficiaries have little bookish knowledge and such certifications have been procured by getting the subject matters by heart. The certificates dmnot indicate the true valuations of the benificiaries.
    I have had an oppurtunity to visit TISCO Blast - furnace where a lay - man though having huge experience in the metallurgical - field could ascertain the chemical - composition of Hot - metal with an absolute precision by gauging the temperature of the metal. Even the qualified metallurgists gave this gentle - man due honour because of the vast knowledge he acquired in the metallurgical - field. This man was later promoted to the rank of executive without having a valid certification.
    So to judge a man of having real potential is rather difficult and the recognition of the certificate has been the easiest norm to recognise one's talent.

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    The purpose of education is manifold. To summarise, it is basically to gain knowledge as well as to make a career for livelihood.

    If an educated person can not achieve financial freedom then his acquired knowledge appears useless from that angle.

    However knowledge acquired never goes waste. It is like a jewel which will definitely shine and attract others in opportune times.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A knowledge is a treasure. Some people will get recognition and achievements. These days your knowledge is not recognised if you don't have any back support. Many people who are worthy and staying villages are never identified or recognised. But we can't say they are worthless. These days recognition will only come to the people who can do the lobbying around the people in power or people at the decision taking level. If we know somebody there or if we can approach them through somebody then only you have the chance of getting recognised. So as far as I am concerned I will never link knowledge and recognition. All knowledgeable persons may not get the recognition. All people who got recognition may not be of very good knowledge. The knowledge is not for recognition. The knowledge you acquired will never go waste. One day or other it will be useful to you.
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    No, I do not think so. The knowledge is important it is not important to achieve anything by this knowledge or you reach the top position by acquiring the knowledge. If a woman is educated and has the knowledge she can manage the family very well without any struggle. Though she does not use this knowledge to get some achievement of to reach the top in society. A knowledgeable person will always be respected in the society. So, it is not necessary to use your knowledge to get something or to reach the top in the society. Knowledge itself sufficient for you which provides you confidence and self-respect.
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    The answer depends on the the context in which knowledge is discussed. Knowledge is something that cannot be bought, it is gained by learning, listening to experts and learnt from life's own experiences. Such knowledge in invaluable for us and the people to whom we can impart it. This noble view about knowledge should not be compared with materialistic achievements or awards etc.

    There are many good teachers, lawyers, doctors etc who have far more knowledge, far more skills and clients than some of the well known members in their fields who are the face of the media and seen in various national and international platforms as experts. These experts have the recogintion and have achieved some status in their circles but this does not make the simple unsung experts who do a better job without much fanfare. This is where true knowledge stands out from the rest.

    When we equate knowledge to success in an exam, job interview. promotion etc, then yes, it's human to feel that we are worthless when we have not achieved success. Even worse would be the examples wherein people who are more knowledgeable failing in the exams when their counterparts with far less knowledge becoming successful. We should neither look down upon such colleagues, nor look down upon ourselves as worthless, it is just the way things are.

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