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    Now death penalty to the rapists is also opposed by DMK leader Kanimozhi.

    Over the past few days, the social media, electronic media and print media were in full of discussions on the minor rapes and the social shouting factory were up in the arms to give the culprits the stringent punishments. Thanks to the far reaching thoughts on this, the Modi government has brought in urgent ordnance to award death penalty to the rapists and even perpetrators. And now DMK leader Kanimozhi has gone on the record that death penalty is too harsh on rapists and it cannot be agreed. Then why all these protests were held maligning the government all these days?
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    I too strongly feel that death penalty is not a solution to end the rape problem. What I strongly recommend is to deal with the rapist in such a way that others who think of raping should realise the after effect of the rape and give up the idea of being a rapist.
    The punishment should be so severe that the rapist should cry and tell the world "Please do not attempt to rape". Others should see him physically and act accordingly. Either we can make the rapist impotent or make his private part senseless and useless to perform sex in his life.

    I think, Kanimozhi is a sensible lady to stand against this death punishment to rapists.

    No life without Sun

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    My personal opinion is totally different. Castration is a much more efficient punishment than death penalty to the rapists. But, unfortunately, there is no provision of this punishment in India.

    However, death penalty or any other punishment would be applicable only after the crime is established. In India, establishing rape committed by the particular rapist(s) is very difficult because of various reasons known to almost all of us. So, I feel that the police must take recourse of most modern scientific methods to find out and prove the involvement of the rapists. If that can be done and crime is established not allowing the actual criminal to get away due to various loopholes, only then punishment or type of punishment can be debated.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is good that something serious is happening in the higher levels regarding the rape cases. The punishment for any crime should be exemplary so that the person should think of the punishment before doing the crime. As such it is a positive step to deal with the cases.
    But as discussed in #634283 if the investigation is not done properly and not able to establish the crime, there will not be any use. So there should be a strict and scrupulous mechanism should be in place in doing the investigation. There are many scientific advancements through which the crime can be established beyond doubt. Then only the real culprit will be identified and a strict punishment can be imposed.
    But something or other it should be started. A step is taken and let us hope there will be some fear in the culprits.

    always confident

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    When death penalty is the ultimate solutions for the rapists and even the perpetrators, then why it is now opposed by those who have been shouting for justice all these days.?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    The opposition to the death penalty of the rapists of minors definitely proves the hypocrisy of the opportunistic political leaders. There is no doubt about it. But as conscious and educated citizens of the country, we must understand the real problem in punishing the rapists. The quantum and nature of punishment should be discussed later.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Many like-minded people would think twice before asking for death penalty. But in the case of rape of children and minors that have rocked the country recently does not need a soft approach. We are well past the stage of making therapists realize their mistakes and say sorry I won't do it.

    Imagine the vast population of India, the level of literacy, the un-assessed levels of disturbed people in the country and the number of atrocities and abuse of children, women.
    We need drastic measures in place, swift investigations, arrests, trail and then the punishment for the crime.

    Barring terrorists and people with suicidal tendencies, everyone fears for their lives. This includes rapists, child abusers etc, so, we need this death penalty at least to send a message that, Yes, in India rapists can lose their lives and yes, rapists have been hanged to death.

    It may sound inhumane, but it's justified when we consider the 4 yr olds and 10-year-olds brutally raped. All these thoughts will also be in the minds of the politicians and leaders who oppose the death penalty. But this would just be to be in the limelight.

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    It is very ironical and hypocritical that those who continuously wanted reducing already pronounced death sentences to jail term, are now demanding death for crime of rape.
    Let us be consistent and sensible. When the whole world is going against death sentence, why a few are making voices for death sentences? Crime has to be prevented with deterrent and exemplary punishment

    Is life of two persons different,that killer of one has to be killed and killer of another has to be pardoned?

    How many political murders -where the reason is only political rivalry- happened and still happening? All those politicians who now cry for death for rapists do everything to save those political murderers. Have they any moral right to demand death for some other criminals?

    Prevention of crime is the most needed thing. For that the punishment should serve as deterrent. Death will not deter. If death deters us from anything, then accidents would not be so frequent and daily happening. Wars and fratricidal actions would not be happening.

    To deter a crime from being attempted by any other person, we need the people to see the real punishment the criminal undergoes. Ironically jails are now being turned into luxury holiday places. Then we shout for death sentence for rapists. Ironical and hypocritical that.

    I am for a punishment that will remind the criminal every day about his crime and make him repent and reform him. The punishment also should be a visible deterrent so that any one who will have even a mild thought to attempt such a crime shudders and and fears and does not commit such crime. Death sentence will not facilitate that. After the death of that criminal the crime and criminal are just forgotten, and there is nothing to deter new criminals.

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