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    When Siddaramiah is a performer for Congress, then why they listed 22 celebrities for campaign ?

    The Karnataka Assembly elections has become litmus test for the ruling Congress and the BJP. While the Congress wants to retain the seat and send broader signal to the nation that the next general elections are going to be on same preference of voters. And for BJP it is desperate to snatch the power from Congress and prove that it means business in South too. Though Congress has been maintaining that CM Siddaramiah has done good developmental work and would win without problems then why 22 celebrities were drawn to campaign for party in the days to come. That means Congress wants to add filmy flavor to garner votes ?
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    Till the last moment, nobody can predict what happens. Identifying the thinking of the voter is very difficult. Even though people are confident nobody will leave any stone unrolled until the last moment. They will do all sorts of activities to win the confidence of people. It is the order of the day to bring the celebrities for campaigning in favour of a party. That is why I think the political circles are more in favour of bringing well-known personalities to come to politics. In all the south for the actors, politics is becoming the livelihood after their career in movie land.This is more inSOyhtern States of India as the people here are more hero-worshippers. That is why Congress is bringing many celebrities into the field as supporters to the CM candidate. I think all major parties will have the support of some or other cinema personality who can make a good contributor to the victory of the who are ready to help them once they win the elections.
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    Siddaramaiyah is not a very popular leader in Karnataka. He is not even sure to win his own Chamundeshwari seat. So he is also contesting from Badami. This proves his level of confidence. Karnataka Congress is facing infighting and lack of proper leadership and vision. So, it is quite natural that they would employ celebrities for the party. Although it is quite natural and not illegal, it proves that the so-called rejuvenated party is not at all sure of victory in the Assembly election.
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    I don't think it is an entirely new or rare practice. We have seen celebrities being roped in to gather support because of their connection with the common man. Even the BJP is reported to have approached Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble to campaign for the party but presumably, the request was not acceded to by both. Political parties try all sort of gimmicks to catch the attention of the general public and engaging celebrities to attend a few of their campaign meetings is just a part of that. We need not take their presence for granted because, except in some pockets, they have never been able to create any noticeable impact.
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    Many political parties use movie stars and celebrities to campaign for politics and vice versa. It is no surprise that Congress also is roping in celebrities. These faces are brand ambassadors and can help in swinging in some votes.

    Mr.Siddaramaiah, right now the key center face of Congress is facing GT Devegowda, JD(S) at Chanmundeshwari area. He is also contesting from Badami and the press is already dubbing it 'an insurance policy seat' if he faces an upset in Chamundeshwari.

    Siddaramaiah is also battling discontent within the party ranks, he has been campaigning extensively with little support from others. Minority appeasement, tickets for party hoppers, being close to the high command all he has drawn adverse comments and views from various groups within the party and in Karnataka. So, sops, speeches, celebrities all play the role in ensuring that each party can get their share of votes to win the elections. He needs every little support he can get his hands on.

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