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    Today, 22nd April, is the Earth Day.

    Throughout the world this day, April 22, is celebrated as 'Earth Day'. This year's the slogan accepted for this day is "end plastic pollution". One of the most serious problems the earth now face is the increasing menace of waste plastic. This creation of man has become an important enemy of man itself. It is coming in different forms and a stage has come that a day will not be passed without adding a plastic product in every house. Though we are propagating the 'three R' formula, not much effect could be seen. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the three methods suggested throughout world but only a small fraction follow them regularly. Alternatives suggested are not getting acceptability. However, we need take immediate actions to find appropriate actions to reduce it from our earth. Let us take a pledge to that effect on this day.
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    Yes today has been celebrated as World Earth Day. On this day every one is responsible to safeguard this world from further deterioration. This year topic is keep the world free from plastic. Plastic pollution has been the challenging situation for any place and where there is more rural population, the usage of plastic is uncontrollable as they are not aware of the over usage of plastic. By using the plastic and if that goes into the soil, the cattle feeding on the grass may come in contact with the plastic and thus the cattle would swallow the deadly plastic along with grass and that could prove fatal. Good that UK companies are now processing the plastic items into tiny millet and then they are used for laying roads instead of traditional thar and cement . So India also should start such companies and all the plastic must be recycled that way for the use of strong roads in future.
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    The plastic and plastic products are the great inventions of science but in form of polythene bags and other disposable items, they are making the life of humans and animals miserable on this planet - mother earth.

    Due to a large number of people using these items indiscriminately, the garbage collection is becoming a nightmare and heaps of waste products and garbage is accumulating in public places.

    Though the Govt is spending a lot of amount on cleanliness but due to the gigantic nature of the problem the future is looking bleak and dark.

    Strong cooperation from citizen groups, hotels, eating places and housing societies is required shoulder to shoulder with Govt efforts and then only some perceptible improvement can be seen in this area.

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    Earth Day is observed every year and each year, we, as a matter of policy or courtesy, pledge to protect Mother Earth. But how many of us take the message seriously? We have been exploiting Earth to the maximum extent but still, we have been tolerated till now. Time has come to start thinking about how long we would be able to sustain with the limited resources. Nature has been sending warning signals time and again; let us wake up and stay true to the pledge we take to protect Mother Earth and the environment.
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    I feel that on the Earth Day, we must take a pledge to raise the consciousness level of the people about the Mother Earth and not to undertake any such activity which may harm the Earth. That would be much more useful than paying lip-service on this particular day and causing harm to Earth on the other 364 days.
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    Today is the Earth Day. The Earth, irrespective of our abuses, providing us with a place to live and a place to grow food and a place to earn. So we should be thankful to the mother earth for all these gifts it has given to us.
    This year the slogan is ending plastic pollution. It is very apt for the present day society. Everywhere usage of plastic is very visible. But slowly people are getting the concept and trying to avoid plastic as much as possible. Two days before while we were travelling to a nearby town we had our breakfast in a Village Organic Restaurant. There the food is served in Banana leaves and water is supplied in clay glasses. Another thing I liked there is the glass is used only once. They are asking the users to carry their home and reuse it. This is a very good concept. Wherever we go if we carry our own glass and if we don't use, use and throw, glasses we will be doing a lot of service to the earth. Let us all pledge that we will not spoil the earth further.

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    Just now received a twitter message from Virender Sehwag which reads as under:

    Earth ka khyaal rakhein nahi toh anarth ho jaayega

    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think the concept of Earth Day, as far as plastic goes, is lost upon many of us. When I look around, there is plastic everywhere still in daily use, right from the place where we buy flowers to the place where throw garbage tied around in plastic bags. I was amazed to see plastic bottles inside forests where jeep safaris go on.

    We talk about re-cycling but I think it's a wasted effort. You just have to see the garbage plots (empty land) in neighborhoods that are filled with all kinds of waste wrapped in plastic bags.

    In India, the use of plastic is rampant without any concern for Mother Earth. Only few who are consicious make their sincere efforts is seggergation, using cloth bags etc. When we had the ban, initially we had a decrease, now it's slowly coming back.

    We need more than one Earth Day for India. We need an aggresive/proactive plan of education and replacing plastics. We need to have measures to stop the manufacturing of bags, wrapping plastic etc and start switching to alternatives at production level. The Government needs to have uy bakc plans for plastic that will encourage people to responsibly give most back.

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